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Newz You Can Uze

3/17/2016 - (((UPDATED))) Europe Spring Tour Dates Below

Dave resting

Hello Music Fans! We have decided to play some concerts and we have decided to play them live. A little wimpy west coaster tune up but then we will build muscles in Europe.

click to download hi-res poster


3/3 - Seattle live @ Chop Suey w/ Dreamsalon and Nail Polish BUY TIX
3/5 - Seattle studio session on KEXP streaming live everywhere at 6:30 PM. Don't be late!
3/5 - Portland live @ Club 21 w/ Sleeping Beauties Cancelled. Sorry!
3/9 - San Francisco live @ The Make-Out Room w/ Useless Eaters and Zhod
3/25 - Nantes, France @ Stereolux w/ Meatbodies BUY TIX
3/26 - Paris, France @ Divan du Monde w/ Meatbodies BUY TIX
3/27 - Lorient, France @ Le Galion
3/28 - Bordeaux, France @ Le Void
3/29 - Marseille, France @ Poste à Galene BUY TIX
3/30 - Lyon, France @ Marchè Gare BUY TIX
3/31 - Capbreton, France @ Le Circus
4/1 - TBA
4/2 - Toulouse, France @ Last Chancet
4/3 - TBA
4/4 - TBA
4/5 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club w/ Meatbodies BUY TIX
4/6 - Glasgow, UK @ Nice and Sleazy
4/7 - Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny BUY TIX
4/8 - Notthingham @ TBA
4/9 - London, UK @ DIY Space for London BUY TIX
4/10 - Brighton @ Sticky Mikes
4/11 - Die, France @ Cave Bautin
4/12 - Fribourg, Switzerland @ XX eme
4/13 - Lugano, Switzerland @ Il Casitto
4/14 - Geneva, Switzerland @L'Ecurie
4/15 - Gigors, France @ Gigors Electric
4/16 - Charleroi, Belgium @ Rockerill Festival
6/25 - Oakland live @ Burger Boogaloo w/ John Waters & Traci Lords, Thee Oh Sees, Mummies, etc. BUY TIX

11/13/2015 - Everything's FINE

Hello Music Fans:

Now that our PTSD from the tour and panic attacks may be clearing up (true story) and we are adjusting to civilian life we would like to extend a huge thank you to Franz Ferdinand and Sparks and F.F.S. and their wonderful crew and their generously curious fans for such an incredible tour. It was a gift to get to see such a sleek show and the hair is still standing on my arm from watching "This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both Of Us" every night. Special thanks to Paul Thomson for playing "Cleaning Lady" with us every night and asking us to come along. And thank you all you people who came at 7:30pm to see us.

Reveling in our spoilage, we are honored to announce our first museum show at the Frye Art Museum this Sunday. It is all ages and free and apparently 'registration has ended' for the event (top shelf way of saying 'sold out') but there should be walk up tickets available at the door the day of the show at 1:30 PM. We play at 2:00. In bed by 4:00!

9/17/15 - Guess what? We're alive! Again! (sorta)

look now, hear later!

Our new album "Vintage Future" is out Sept. 25th and you can order it here from In the Red (the first 200 LPs are on orange vinyl). Or you torrent it somewhere like a scumbag. (It's also illegal.)

There are a couple of songs streaming here on Noisey and here on Brooklyn Vegan

And The Onion's AV Club is streaming the album so you can practice listening to it HERE

Moving on, we will be streaming our instruments and songs and concert live out of our amplifiers on the F.F.S. (Franz Ferdinand and Sparks) U.S. tour in September/October. Get there early and cover yourself in plastic!


9/26 - Albuquerque, NM @ Launch Pad BUY TIX
9/28 - St Louis, MO @ The Demo BUY TIX
9/29 - Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory BUY TIX
9/30 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre BUY TIX
10/2 - Boston, MA @ The Orpheum Theater BUY TIX
10/3 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory BUY TIX
10/5 - Washington, DC @ Lincoln Theatre BUY TIX
10/6 - New York, NY @ Terminal 5 BUY TIX
10/8 - Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theatre BUY TIX
10/9 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue BUY TIX
10/11 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre BUY TIX
10/13 - Hollywood, CA @ the Hollywood Palladium BUY TIX
10/14 - Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory BUY TIX
10/15 - Oakland, CA @ The Fox Theater BUY TIX
11/15 - Seattle, WA @ Frye Art Museum FREE!

1/28/2015 - Forgot to talk about the tour! (Really REALLY talk about it)

Hello again! The band forgot to show you a few highlights from their recent Winter Tour in Europe including a video of them in Bordeaux ripping through four "classic-era" songs with their new classic Petey Dammit! I read on the Internet (or maybe the Finbergnet?) that he killed it on this tour without having a chance to practice with those other guys Lorne, Kaapers & Drow. That's just a pro in the know for you.

You can see everything in the freshly updated PIX & VIDS section here.

photo by Chris Rod

Also the MERCH STORE is added HERE if you want to get a t-shirt for yourself or your bb.

Best Regards,
The Webmaster General

1/8/2015 - Scrappy New Year! Now a Lil Press Update.

Snickers from Kaanan

Hola Amigos, been a long time since I rapped at ya...
We are home fresh from our "Is it possible to tour Europe on the Deluxe Reissue of our first LP "Boredom and Terror/Let's Toil"? The answer is a resounding "somewhat".

Anyway, here's a list of my ideas you can use those gift cards for from my 10 favorite things from 2014 (that you can buy in a store - giving Kaanan a murphy is free). Thanks Brooklyn Vegan - there is some news on the new LP here and you can stream the new/old album there too...

The Intelligence reissued first LP, releasing new LP 'Vintage Future' in April, tell us their Top 10 of 2014 (Brooklyn Vegan)
Album Covers of the Year 2014 Interviews - Boredom and Terror Reissue (Redefine Magazine)

10/14/2014 - Announcements Galore! (featuring Petey Dammit & Europe)

Bonus Nachos Music Fans! We have some big news to be telling to you: Petey Dammit of Thee Oh Sees has joined The Intelligence on guitar and we will be spanking his lil' fanny beet red on a Winter European Tour in November and December in France (our favorite), Spain (pretty good), and Germany (can't win 'em all). I just doing a kidding!

ladies & gents, it's petey!

We can't wait to see ya'll out there mixing it up in your holiday outfits.

see you soon,
the kid

8/20/2014 - Boredom and Terror Reissue!

Hello Music Fans! Ten years to the day, I/We/The Intelligence released our first album, "Boredom and Terror" in 2004 on Omnibus Records on compact disc and later on vinyl on Narnack Records with a "bonus CD" inside called "Let's Toil," then that was later released on vinyl on the Parisian label Pollymagoo Records and now both albums are even later/finally being released as a double gatefold LP on In The Red Records.

It has been remastered (well, actually just mastered; it turns out the original never was) and the original artwork (by Erin Sullivan of the A-Frames) has been, uh, reshot and restored (as read by Steve Coogan). You can preorder (or just order when the pre part is done) by clicking HERE. Official "Boredom and Terror" Re-Release show will be at Seattle's LoFi Performance Gallery on September 27! TIX HERE.

7/17/2014 - Viva La France

Hello Music Fans! Good news: we are very happy to announce we have been asked to play the Freakshow Festival in Gigors, France on August 30th. It's not the usual warehouse/pig gambling place you'd usually find us. Look at this picture from last year and fire up the Rosé tank. We also will be adding added a Paris show the 28th or 29th, venue details coming soon HERE. NOW also playing Bordeaux the 29th HERE!

6/18/2014 - The Kids Are Alright

Hello Music Fans! We are very honored to announce that this Saturday night (6/21/14) the Seattle School of Rock is doing a tribute to Northwest rock and along with luminaries The Sonics, Jimi Hendrix and The Murder City Devils they will be playing an unreleased song from our upcoming LP titled "Refuse to Pay the Dues." What a bunch of little snots. Just kidding. Thank you Traci Eggelston for making this happen, we are obviously very stoked to see some lil guys piping out our "yacht punk." Show up at The Crocodile, 5PM-7:30PM, all-ages, more info HERE!

4/1/2014 - We're Alive

Hello music fans, you are likely visiting this page for a elaborate "We are breaking up" or "Strudel's dead" April Fool's joke but we are above that mess and too busy crawling out of retirement, son! We will be playing a live concert with Detroit's Protomartyr in Los Angeles at the legendary Bootleg Theater on May 24th. I know a l ot of people are saying that they don't like the everyman stresses of purchasing tickets at the door and would like to be Instagramming that shit in advance, so here is a ticket link, get nuts: The Intelligence, Protomartyr, LAMPS

2/27/2014 - We have a website now! Is that still a thing?

Hello Music Fans! Welcome to our new website. Anyway, we have some news: we made a new record but it's still getting mastered so cool your butts. In the meantime, In The Red is going to be reissuing and remastering our first album "Boredom and Terror" as a double album the secret companion LP "Let's Toil" (previously only released in FRANCE) I know this sounds like something Matt Dillon's band would say but it is true.

9/15/2013 - Studio Time

The band recently recorded eight new songs with Chris Woodhouse in Sacramento, California for the next album, and super-secret guest stars may include members of Thee Oh Sees and Mike Donovan...


Fittingly born at the dawn of the 21st Century, The Intelligence’s brand of art-smarm surf has become a touchstone for with-it rock n’ roll of the era. Perhaps a surprising assertion, especially considering their primitive and personal origins, but one cemented by the dedication and continual reinvention fostered by main-brain Lars Aldric Finberg. For all their longevity and prolificacy, The Intelligence is a restless, ever-evolving vehicle for Finberg, showcasing his presumably patented knack for sharp pop songwriting that rides waves from both the past and heretofore unknown. Hence the emergence of Vintage Future, the band’s latest album.

Finberg has always playfully flashed fangs with The Intelligence, but the hard targeting here makes Vintage Future the most thematically biting offering thus far. Across the record, Finberg combs over relationships, ambitions and his own values for trouble spots and indignities, highlighting his findings and skewering as needed. Jabs at the absurdities of band life have been a focus of since The Intelligence’s inception, but tunes like “Nocturnal Admissions”, “We Refuse To Pay The Dues” (a sure-fire cornerstone of any Greatest Hits package assembled) and “Platinum Janitor” confront living in rock n’ roll with an honesty bordering on the sadistic. Songs like “Sex” and “Whip My Valet” (the band’s most singularly aggressive and punk moment ever) manage to be intensely personal ruminations, nervously humorous and all-out rockers simultaneously, all with a wink.

It’s precisely that charm coupled with intensity that makes The Intelligence so crave-worthy. Well, that and the copious panic-stabs of guitar. Vintage Future thankfully shows The Intelligence continuing to move in whatever goddamn direction they want, keeping it permanently casual in this inhuman Business That We Call Show. Is there any better way?

-Mitch Cardwell, July 2015

Pictures & Videos

Remember us forever!

Lars Finberg

He can't swim!

"They Found Me..."

Live in Bordeaux, August 2014

"Hippy Provider"

Official Video

"Dating Cops"

Official Video

"Bong Life"

Official Video

"They Found Me..."

Official Video

"Thank You God for Fixing..."

Live in Lyon, May 2013

Seattle Snapshot

Live at Neumos, March 2014

Just Sitting Around Casually

Promo Pix

Boredom & Terror Release

Live at the LoFi Sept 2014

Live Photos

Bordeaux, France August 2014

Europe 2014

Tour Poster

Some Pleasant Photos

Playing in Toulouse, France

Playing Four Songs

Video shot @ Le Bootleg

Different Pleasant Photos

but in FRANCE again

Live Dates


03/03/2016 Seattle, WA Chop Suey w/Dreamsalon, Nail Polish Buy Tix
03/05/2016 Live Stream, EVERYWHERE Seattle's KEXP Studio Session @ 6:30PM Tune In!
03/05/2016 Portland, OR Club 21 w/Sleeping Beauties Cancelled
03/09/2016 San Francisco, CA The Make-Out Room w/Useless Eaters, Zhod


03/25/2016 Nantes, France Stereolux w/Meatbodies Buy Tix
03/26/2016 Paris, France Divan du Monde w/Meatbodies Buy Tix
03/27/2016 Lorient, France Le Galion Info
03/28/2016 Bordeaux. France Le Void
03/29/2016 Marseille, France Poste à Galene Buy Tix
03/30/2016 Lyon, France Marchè Gare Buy Tix
03/31/2016 Capbreton, France Le Circus
04/01/2016 TBA Buy Tix
04/02/2016 Toulouse, France Last Chancet
04/03/2016 TBA TBA
04/04/2016 TBA TBA
04/05/2016 Leeds, UK Brudenell Social Club w/Meatbodies Buy Tix
04/06/2016 Glasgow, UK Nice and Sleazy
04/07/2016 Newcastle, UK The Cluny Buy Tix
04/08/2016 Nottingham, UK TBA
04/09/2016 London, UK DIY Space for London Buy Tix
04/10/2016 Brighton, UK Sticky Mike's
04/11/2016 Die, France Cave Bautin
04/12/2016 Fribourg, Switzerland Le XX eme
04/13/2016 Lugano, Switzerland Il Casitto
04/14/2016 Geneva, Switzerland L'Ecurie Info
04/14/2016 Gigors, France Gigors Electric
04/16/2016 Charleroi, Belgium Rockerill Festival Info


06/26/2016 Oakland, CA Burger Boogaloo 2016 w/Thee Oh Sees, Mummies, etc. Buy Tix


They wrote about us!

Extra Lars: The Genius Interview

The Stranger, Cover 2011



Lars Gives Intelligence on New Album

Interview on Finest Kiss, 2012




  • Test/Bird Call 7"

    S-S Records, 2004

  • I'm Your Taxi/No Nurses/
    If I Had A Hammer 7"

    Holy Cobra Society, 2006

  • Message Of Love/
    Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat 7"

    Disordered Records/Lo-Fi Records, 2007

  • Debt & ESP/
    Chateau Bandit 7"

    Plastic Idol Records, 2008

  • Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long/
    Shitty World

    Plastic Idol Records, 2008

  • What Wine Goes With Eggs?/
    Sixteen & Seventeen

    April 77 Records, 2008

  • Reading and Writing About Partying/
    Like Like Like Like Like Like Like 7"

    Raw Deluxe Records, 2009


  • I Am That Grey/
    Cold Calling

    Dirtnap Records, 2003
    Split 7" w/ Popular Shapes

  • Dating Cops/My State's Better/
    I Have These Piles But After
    Awhile They Stop Working

    Omnibus Records, 2005
    As "The Intelligence vs. Karate Party"
    Split 7" w/ The Coachwhips

  • Bulbs/
    Sunny Backyard

    Mt. St. Mtn, 2008
    Split 12" EP w/ Thee Oh Sees

  • Parades

    Compost Modern Art, 2009
    Split 7" w/ Crash Normal

  • Gettin Classy/
    Becky is a Bummer/
    Mister Children

    Dirty Knobby, 2009
    Split 7" w/ Unnatural Helpers

  • (They Found Me In The Back Of)
    The Galaxy

    In The Red Records, 2012
    Split 7" w/ Kelley Stoltz

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