Is your fashion app giving you the best experience?

We list a few questions you need to answer about the app you’re currently using, so that you can decide if you need to switch to another one.

As a regular online shopper, you probably have quite a few fashion apps loaded on your phone. But are you completely satisfied with the apps you are using. Maybe you need to answer these questions:

Does it feature the leading brands of the world?

If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Only a few’, then you need a new fashion app, pronto. The best fashion apps like Jabong already have the choicest brands across clothing, footwear, accessories and skin care on board. Besides, these apps keep adding more brands periodically, thus offering customers the widest range of products to choose from. If it does not feature at least 100 of the world’s and the country’s best brands, then it’s not a great app to begin with.

Does it have year-round discounts and sales?

There are scores of fashion apps online – you see ads for them even on your social media feeds. They feature a lot of attractive products appropriate for the season – but do they offer regular discounts? The best apps like Jabong will always feature price cuts and discounts when you shop online, and the discount margin is staggeringly high during festive or limited period sales. If the app you currently use does not have regular discounts, then you need to switch to one that does.

Does it sneakily add charges at the last moment?

You may have encountered this before: you liked a certain dress on a fashion app, got the perfect size for yourself and then proceeded to pay for it. You were happy that you were getting a good discount too. But while perusing your bill, you noticed that the app had added ‘Shipping charges’ to the purchase. You paid for the dress anyway, but it left a sour taste in your mouth, because you felt cheated that the app had added charges at the last minute. If the app you are using does this, then you need to ditch it. A reputed fashion app is upfront about any shipping and handling charges instead of sneaking them in at the last minute.

Is it a secure shopping interface?

This is one of the most important considerations for online shopping – your security when you browse or pay. If your card details and browsing are not protected by the fashion app, then you are left vulnerable to data and money theft from your account. If you are unsure about the app’s online security protocols, choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) option instead of keying in your card details.

Does the app offer a hassle-free exchange or return process?

The test of a fashion app’s professionalism lies in whether it makes the shopping and exchange/return process easy for the customer. If you are forced to jump through hoops to get your money refunded, or to exchange a wrong delivery, then the app is best left alone. The best fashion apps offer a seamless, no questions asked exchange and return policy.

The Benefits of Family Bonding in Bricktown

Oklahoma City might be home to the (technically) newest NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder, but it’s also living proof that Oklahoma was ahead of the curve, in general. That’s right, many cities and towns overlooked the opportunity to build up districts with their own unique feel and style. Bricktown was always a go-to spot for those visiting as well as the locals, and it’s one of the best spots for family bonding to boot.

A visit to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown will offer you the chance to go on a deep dive into a unique and interesting history. This doesn’t mean that it’s a part of a town stuck in time. It has a great balance when it comes to historical and modern attractions.

What makes Bricktown so great for families?

OKC is a big place and this also means that there are many other options available to you for family outings. There are other cool places in Oklahoma City, like Deep Deuce, the Arts District, The Paseo, and Midtown. So why go to Bricktown for the day over the other parts of Oklahoma City?

Like a lot of the up-and-coming districts in Oklahoma, it once was an industrial area that not only housed facilities but warehouses as well. As the economy changed and different people and businesses moved in and out, this led to the transformation from the industrialist life it once has into the entertainment district it is today. This gives Bricktown a unique look and feel for a family-friendly destination. It’s also attracted some really cool businesses and places of interest.

Below are some of the most popular among locals and visitors alike.

  1. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

What better place to learn about cowboys than in the heart of Oklahoma? This is probably what pushed the creation of the National Cowboy Museum in OKC, which also boasts a selection of some of the richest pieces of western history ever seen.

  1. Myriad Botanical Gardens

When you want a walk outdoors that can also provide an educational opportunity for the family, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is the place to go. It’s more than just a park. It’s loaded with some of the most beautiful pieces of nature for those just looking to get away and relax.

  1. Brickopolis: The Ultimate Family Fun Venue

With over 3 stories dedicated to family fun, it’s definitely a leader when it comes to family entertainment in Oklahoma City. From miniature golf to video games to laser tag, there’s a little bit of everything to ensure your family will enjoy their visit. Don’t worry, if you get hungry, they have a restaurant there as well, so you don’t have to leave the fun just to go grab lunch.

If you need lodging accommodations, you’re covered.

Not only is Bricktown full of fun that can last for days and great food sure to make memories, but it’s also home to some of the finest hotels in Oklahoma City. This is one district that makes the hospitality industry really work for their money.

Of the ones that stand out, Hyatt Place Oklahoma City/Bricktown is one of the more popular options. It offers a solid breakfast to get you the needed energy to start the day off with a bang. Not to mention, a fitness center, high-speed internet, and a modern look and feel. The AC Hotel by Marriot offers a boutique-style hotel experience and offers members free Wi-Fi.

Check Out Details And Other Features To Buy Via Online

Thermal wear is the type of clothing that helps to protect the body from the harsh cold and winter. Almost our body has capable to wear at limited cold so they have to hire the right website to find out suitable thermal wear. It is the right option for the customer to protect the body with the best condition. During the winter season, it is necessary to keep your body as warm so that it allows working properly and getting comfort at every time. Here the thermal wear for women is made with the help of the quality fabric which is easily worn below the shirt and per your requirements. Apart from that, it protects the skin by removing the different moisture over the skin and it makes the body as warm at all time. It is found basically in the part of the wool and also cotton so it will replace the traditional form of pajamas. It designed with the funnel and also delivers a suitable layer of warmth. Even some of the people well know to wear long sleeves and also make with the least amount of the heating bill and also material helps to make warmth and need a less electric bill.

Designed with great features:

It has a different type of thermal wear for men that out found in the online store so the customer can feel free to visit and find out suitable wear with no risk and trouble of it. Here the thermal clothing is made with the help of the cotton and other wool material which never make the body to feel UN comfort at any time to wear. If you are new and don’t have an idea to choose right thermal wear, here the online store provide proper user guidance which let to find out a best and effective solution to pick right material without meeting any risk of it. Commonly the original form of thermal wear is designed in the form of the long sleeves with long pant. Then they are thin and worn below the clothes. Why because they are styled in a long time without meeting any risk and trouble. In the online store built with a lot of benefits from the price wars so it will be easy for the customer to pick the best option without meeting any trouble of it.

The benefit of y using the online store:

Now the online has a safer and well secure payment at all time so the customer can feel free to make use and order thermal wear without meeting any trouble of it. Almost wide material is made with merino wool, cotton thermal, spandex and other support for the customer. It delivers the assure quality and also warmness support to wear for a long time. Even you can get expert advice that how to choose the best thermals for men in easy time. Hope the customer can feel free visit store and find out a massive collection to choose from the size table. Each thermal wear has a different style so it assures to meet all need with no risk of selection any dress.

Nine Tests that indicate If a Pearl Is Genuine or Fake

If you are planning to spend money on a high-end pearl or sets of pearl jewelleries then it is necessary that you must be sure about their genuineness.

Following are nine tests that find whether your single pearl necklace contains real or fake pearl.

1.Fake pearls are usually lightweight

Normally real pearls are much heavier than fake gems. The nacre will be very dense. However, this may not be foolproof test because if pearls are made by using crushed shells or glass and composite then this test may not work well.

2. Cracked or chipped

Inspect closely areas around the holes. Drill holes will be smooth in real gems with no chipping at all.

3. No 2 real pearls are exactly alike

Usually high-quality pearl jewellery will have well-matched gemstones however by looking closely you can find some differences. So, in case every gem looks exactly then same, then they are unreal.

4. Check the size

Usually natural pearl size is very big. If any large pearl is available at cheaper rate then it must be unreal.

5. Knots matter

Real pearls are individually knotted on silk strand or microfiber for their longevity. This will prevent the gemstones to get rubbed against each other.

6. Unusual colouring

Remember real pearls are usually dyed by pearl jewellers for covering imperfections. However, high-end and quality jewellers will stick with colours that we see every day in nature.

7. Are they cool when touched?

In case, the jewellery quickly warms up as per your body temperature when you wear them then they are probably real. Fake pearls will be at room temperature all the time.

8. There must be few imperfections

All real pearls will never be perfectly uniform. There will be little imperfections and differences between each pearl.

Real cultured pearls get created by nature and no living creature is exactly same. All real pearls, may be round, but will have little lumps, bumps and minor imperfections.

9. Fake pearls shine but real pearls glow

Try to check under natural light. Their nacre layers are translucent. When light gets reflected it looks like an inner glow. Lustre cannot be recreated by anything except an oyster. Real pearl should glow and not shine.

Studio Ghibli Goodies out for sale at amazing prices

Any follower of Japanese Anime cartoons will be aware of Studio Ghibli. Yes, the same production house that comes up with amazing cartoons like Spirited Away, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbour Totoro and so on. Each of the releases by the studio comes with a unique plot which is made alive by unique characters and many unique twists in the stories. The studio has also produced many video games related to its releases.

This is an old story. Now there is some new and exciting news for the big fans of Studio Ghibli. Amazing Studio Ghibli Goodies are out for sale at affordable and attractive prices. Yes, you can now get into the nostalgia of your childhood memories with these goodies. Here, let us explore some of these.

What Studio Ghibli Goodies are available?

The wider term “Ghibli Goodies” applies to daily use things like pillows, pillow covers, soft toys, show pieces, music boxes, T-shirts and more. The characters and scenes from cartoon series like My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke and so on are printed on these articles and are made available for sale.

What are the features of Studio Ghibli Goodies?

Here are a few features of Studio Ghibli Goodies

#1 Designs

The designs that are used on the goodies are directly selected from the scenes and characters of the cartoons. There is nothing that is made up here except for a few design modifications.

Many interesting objects like LED night lights, music boxes, etc are also adapted from the plots of one of these stories. What more, they are super creative and attractive.

#2 Prices

Usually, famous goodies come with a hefty price-tag, but these Studio Ghibli goodies come at affordable prices.

#3 Quality

All the products offered here are of good quality with no compromise to design and appearance.

#4 Passion

Each of the product is designed and prepared with extreme care and delight, fuelled by the passion of love for anime. This is why their products are so amazing.

#5 Buyer Protection

The store assures you 100% satisfaction with Studio Ghibli merchandise and if for some issue you are not satisfied, you can always return it. The store has a more lenient and just return policy. Plus, money back is guaranteed for successful returns.

#6 Variety

A variety of products are available on the store. It is not just pillows, pillow covers, stuffed toys, etc. Even T-shirts, music boxes, LED lamps, printed silk posters, wall stickers, etc are available. In short, we can say that almost everything that you might need for both interior decoration and the decoration of yourself (the T-shirts for example) are available under a single roof.

So, this was a short write-up on Studio Ghibli goods that you might want to personalise to express your love for those cute animes. All the best!!

Save Huge Money With Jumia Egypt Coupon

Are you looking for the best way to shop for different products at a minimum price range? If yes, jumia is ideal for you where you can get special offers and deals with the proper search.  There are plenty of options accessible at this platform that allows you to save money on the purchase. The only need is you must have an internet connection. When it comes to shopping for any products you can easily get many promo codes and deals that allow you to get greater savings on purchasing products.

Overall, it is the risk-free way of purchasing the required products. Before going to find any promo codes you need to pay close attention to different things, even you can also get updates about a particular deal through your mobile device. Many good deals and discounts available so you must stay connected with online. Jumia is ideal for people who love to shop any products at pleasing rates. Voucher codes available to make every customer happy. There is a special range of jumia egypt coupon also available for new customers.

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People can shop any products with this code such as brand new headphones, laptop or any items. Especially it is the ideal way of saving money while purchasing any new devices. Moreover, this allows anyone to take the benefits of high-tech savings. It is the best place to cover all your needs; here you can easily find everything you need. Whether it is electronics, home appliances, fashion products or accessories you can easily shop for everything by visiting this online store. Every product is also available at a lower price. Overall, this shop is considered as the most convenient option for all. It is the popular online shopping mall across Egypt; this allows people to shop everything in the best way possible. The main aim of this shop is to offer the best range of products to the customers. So you can easily find well-known brands by visiting this platform. Everything available at the best price, even products comes with impressive quality.

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Jumia is the ideal shopping center that allows anyone to find their exact needs and also serve everything in the most ideal way. This shop also brings different special choices to attract people. The aim is to provide quality items at a better price range. Everything is available in a different category that covers all your needs. By visiting this online portal you have possibilities to get up to seventy percentages discount. When it comes to shop you can utilize jumia discount code, it is the best option to all. This shop never compromises on its product quality. Now anyone can easily take advantage of coupon code by accessing this site through online. Shopping sites also update its collections based on customer suggestions; it is the main reason to improve the complete standard of the products.  Therefore consider shopping products through this site to save money and also take online reviews to understand everything.

Replica watches are durable, like the original designs

Replica: Simplicity and Innovation When you look at replicawatches, two things happen to the human mind: replica watches, simplicity and innovation. These are the very words that replicahas chosen to describe its watches. Nowadays in the modern world of watchmaking there are countless methods of design. That is why it is so important that the watch brand finds its unique style. And the creators of replicado it perfectly.

Modest style the characteristic style of replicais revealed in the form of its cases:

It is a very original alloy of a round bezel and a case with convex sides. The winding crown of the replicawatch represents the military style because of the special hemisphere that protects it. Discrete replicastyle is determined by its functions and historical past, to which replicaremains true. One of the latest creations is called replica watches. Porsche Design watches are considered complex watches due to their automatic movement with an energy reserve of forty-seven hours and an alarm clock with the GMT function. The second time zone is labeled “jump time”.

These watches were exhibited at the most prestigious watch fairs, where they were evaluated by experts in watchmaking and amateurs. The replica is a great opportunity to get a genuine design for a small price, because the replica of the watches is a high-quality copy of the original. It is made to preserve all the original details of genuine replicawatches. Replica is equipped with a Japanese automatic movement and comes in a Swiss stainless steel case.

High readability

High readability of Replica watches is provided by large Arabic numerals and clock hands. Replicating Piaget Watches Usually there are two numbers: 6 and 12 or 9 and 12; Its location depends on additional features. A large magnifying glass in the date window at the 3 o’clock position is another feature of the replica. The prices for the original replicawatches are quite high, and our online store gives you the opportunity to get a much cheaper copy that keeps the best replicadesign. You will not be able to distinguish our exact replicas from the original watches due to the best technologies used in your production. A wide selection of replica Swiss watches in our warehouse will allow you to choose what suits your taste.

Oily scalp or a dry scalp: This anti-dandruff shampoo works perfectly on all

Dandruff is responsible for flaky scaly which may arise either out as the outcome of fungal or scalp infection. Like any other cells of the body, the skin cells also face a shedding process. The faster a scalp sheds off its skin cells, the worse your dandruff becomes. Potent causes of dandruff are fungal infections, excessive or less oil secretions, and substance sensitivity. When these three factors are clubbed together, it contributes towards the onset of dandruff.

Different categories of the scalp:

Dry scalp: Dry scalp is more prone to itchiness as well as flakiness. People with dry scalp tend to have frizzy and rough hair. Such hair is dry throughout their length from root to tip. More or less they appear dull and sluggish. Their excessive dryness makes it quite tricky for managing them. As a result, these hair are more prone to turn brittle and have excessive split ends. Itching skin is yet another side effect of dry scalp characterized by white flakes which are powdery in their overall appearance and appear distinct from dandruff.

Oily Scalp: Within a couple of days after washing hair, you suddenly feel that your hair is quite greasy. It becomes difficult for you to quit shampooing your hair forever and your scalp is all over covered with oily and waxy flakes. These waxy flakes tend to bind your hair follicles to one another making them appear greasy or waxy.

Oily scalp or a dry scalp: This anti-dandruff shampoo works perfectly on all

Combination scalp: This is a specific scalp type wherein the scalp is generally oily and turns flaky while the hair tips appear dry. Grease is common to be found at roots of your hair linings while the tips turn dry and rough.

Normal scalp: Normal scalp do get greasy in summer and dry in winter with the change in environmental conditions. However, for the significant portion of time, it lies somewhere in between. Your hair follicles are easier for managing, and they are neither greasy nor dry.

One anti-dandruff shampoo for all scalp types

The Man Company’s essential hair-care product- Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men, works perfectly well for all kinds of the scalp. It is rich in apple cider vinegar, neem, moringa, and reetha extracts. It is filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that kill the microbial colonization that thrives on to your scalp surface. Anti-inflammatory action of this anti-dandruff shampoo soothes all types of skin irritation that are likely to occur during your dandruff healing process.

Experts recommend the use of this anti-dandruff shampoo for restoring the moisture content of your scalp to an optimized state. It aids in regulating the pH of your scalp so that there is no chance for the bacterial or fungal contamination to take place. Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzyme contents. These enzymes trigger the opening of hair follicles to maintain a healthy scalp thereby facilitating thick and voluminous hair growth.

Application of this anti-dandruff shampoo is relatively more comfortable as compared to the other products available in the market. At first, you need to damp your hair sufficiently with water. Take appropriate amount of shampoo on one of your palms. Dip your fingertips into it and apply it on your scalp while applying a gentle massage either in clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction. Leave it for some time and then rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Towel dry your hair and for better results, stick to this shampoo until you completely bid adieu to your dandruff.

Top Benefits of Giving Friends and Relatives Gifts

If you have a woman and you want to surprise her with gift becomes a difficult task. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your mother-in-law, sister or wife, but you have to buy a gift that cherishes her for many years although you have many options.

However, you may know about your sister or wife but buying them something they will not return stumps you. You don’t have to get stressed because, in the article, you will find the best same day gifts for women that fit every type of woman out there.

You can buy gifts from trending cute technology to the cozy splurges and here are some of the cool rewards you can receive for women:

  • Skincare addicts gift: Teddie’s rosehip seed oil

If your woman is among the junkies who like looking at their best, you can buy them the rosehip seed oil. It is an essential product that will help them to reduce fine lines, reduce stretch marks appearance, evens their skin tone and add moisture.

The product is made from organic rosehip seed oil belonging to you and therefore pure. If you give this gift to your woman, it will play a vital role in adding her beauty routine becauseshe didn’t know that this is the product she needed to buy.

  • Wearable: Smart Watch

If you buy your woman a smartwatch, it will help her to be connected and stay stylish by gifting her, with a watch-like rose gold fossil wander smartwatch. Even though this smartwatch is fashionable because it tracks steps, upscale watch, control music and alerts her when there is a new text message.

This type of watches are advanced and can use Bluetooth technology and therefore easy to connect with your Android or iPhone device. For people already using this kind of watch, they say that it’s a great alternative from the tech-heavy options and will not look bulky when you ware on the wrist.

  • Techies: Amazon Echo Dot

Why don’t you make your house a home by using this new Amazon Echo Dot? It is the best smart home device in the market and a sure perfect gadget to add in your busy household.

If you have this device, it is a voice activated gadget that will allow the music you love to play, dim your lights, make online orders and also call a friend she avoids without lifting a finger.

In the case of the charcoal fabric, they work well with aesthetic although it also comes with sandstone and heather gray.

  • Outdoorsy: L.L Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover

If you want to give your lady something that can keep her warm during chilly winter nights, why don’t you go for this nice toasty fleece? The best thing is that it will be looking like a sweater although it is warm with the fuzzy texture of fleece inside.

You can wear them as active wear or even formally. The best things are that you can get it in seven hues and therefore fitted in such that it will figure flattering.

Get your Picture-perfect Beach Wedding Dress with Best Style

Having a Themed wedding is getting more and more popular worldwide, and for this purpose, several different types of themes have been introduced.The important thing for you and your life partner is that this is the time of your life when you are going to declare yourself to each other forever from now on.So it is important that you both have to make this ay as much special as you both can.Now as you know each other really well that what your life partner likes or dislikes, or what is important for them. So it would make it easier for you to decide what of the theme you are going to have for your wedding.Now below you are going to find out different themes that you can go for your wedding.

Different types of Wedding Themes

And each one of these themes is related to either Place, Time periods, Cultures, or Interests etc.As far as Places are being concerned there are several different themes related to them. First of all, there are villages, towns, and cities, and for that, there are just traditional style weddings. Then secondly there are exotic locations like a beach, yacht, an island. So for such location, of course, there is a different dress code used like Beach Wedding Dresses.Here your wedding dress can be styled with seashells or other aquatic stuff.

Royal Themed Weddings

Then there are themes related to different time periods. The reason that why these type of themes are being used because they are related to the bride or groom’s ancestor time period or to represent a royal style wedding.You might have seen in movies, that large ballroom of some villa or mansion filled with people for a marriage ceremony.Well, these type of weddings is used held in the Victorian Time period. Then if you want to have a royal style wedding then no doubt you can get it done in some castle and with all the dress code of Plus Size Wedding Dresses.This type of wedding theme is from the Medieval Time Period.

Vintage Themes Weddings

Then if you want to go back in time to start of 20th century, then all you have to do is to get all the traditional stuff for your wedding.You have to make sure that the wedding dress and jewellery used in the wedding must be of that era.Further, there are also some rare and unique themes as well. As for girls they always dream of fairytales that a prince is going to come and propose them, and they will live rest of their lives in a castle.Well, the first part can come true with Fairytale theme wedding. Here for the transport, you can use a royal style horse carriage, with a huge ballroom and royal dress code. Moreover, who does not love music? We all listen to music on daily basis, but some couples can take it to next level at their weddings with a Rock and Roll them a wedding.