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Gifts within the Budget: Personalized Keychains for Friends

Gifts within the Budget: Personalized Keychains for Friends

Post: Friends are closer to our heart than most blood relatives. The freedom offered by friendships make them special bonds. You may have several friends whom you love and care for. You want to show how much they mean to you but cannot afford to splurge on expensive gifts. Don’t worry! There is an easy way out. Just place your order for special personalised gifts that convey the strong emotions. Here are some ideas to make personalized keychains special gift for different occasions.

Friendship Day Gift

The western trend of celebrating Friendship Day has caught up in recent years. You can tie friendship bands to friends who are close. It is a great way to express your bond. A gift would be perfect to further this emotion. You can choose personalized keychains to give to your intimate friends. You can choose metal keychains in different shapes like hearts, diamonds and drop shaped. You can customise it to include a picture of your friend and you. Customise this gift to include a ‘Happy Friendship Day’ message.

Birthday Gift

Birthdays tend to be special for most of us. We expect our friends to greet us and share love on birthdays. So, if you have a friend whose birthday is approaching, plan for a suitable gifts online India well in advance. A QR code keychain would be the perfect present for such an occasion. When your friend scans the QR code on the keychain, she will be able to view the special birthday wish and message you have written for her. This will surely bring a smile on her face.

Gift for the First Promotion of your Friend

A first promotion in your career is a major landmark. You would want your friends and loved ones to appreciate this event. So, when your friends achieve the same landmark, don’t forget to appreciate them. You can give them a cute miniature designed to suit their profession. Customise the miniature to have their face. The gift will always remind them of their successful achievements in life.

Gift for a Housewarming Occasion

Owning your own home is a big thing. When your close friends invite you for housewarming, make sure to be a part of their happiness. You can give them some unique gift like a name plate for their new home. If you are not sure what to buy, explore Presto Gifts to check the vast range of customisable gifts. You will surely find a suitable gift there.

A gift does not have to be too expensive to show that you care. When you invest ample time, efforts and thoughts to select the perfect gift, it is evident how much you care for your friend.

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