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Facts About Cook Islands Trust Company

Cook Islands Trust Company

Keeping your wealth and assets well protected becomes a pressing issue for several reasons. If you are plagued by creditors who are willing to go to court, you have the option of transferring your assets into a trust. Establishing an offshore trust will help you to be away from the creditors. Your assets will remain untouched and may even grow courtesy of the Cook Islands trust company that you have appointed as the trustee. 

Sure, many Americans remain unaware of the nitty-gritty and end up committing costly mistakes. It helps to know that Cook Islands Trusts are reputed to be the world’s leading asset protection trusts. The structure has been hailed by all financial entities across the globe making the remote location always in demand by the developed countries

Advantages of Cook Islands Trust Company

It is important to note the myriad of advantages associated with an offshore trust set in the Cook Islands. You will be pleased to experience the following once the trust is in place and administered successfully:-

  • Powerful Asset Protection– The primary pluses of the trust are being successfully shielded from lawsuits, creditors, and claims in the future. The Cook Islands is out of America’s jurisdiction and will not hand over your assets to US-based creditors or litigators. Sure, they may try to reach you legally but the exercise is time-consuming and hugely expensive. This stops the creditors and claimants from pursuing you. These trusts are deemed to be irrevocable. It will not allow any frivolous claims on your assets.
  • Remote Operations– Thankfully, neither you nor your trust needs to be located in the Cook Islands. The trustee will operate it remotely via electronic transactions.
  • Defendant Friendly– This trust is a haven for customers who want to avoid creditors. The Cook Island Trusts are known to be defendant friendly with their case easily proved in the local court. The scope of discovery of assets for foreign creditors is difficult with the judicial system protecting the trust assets. Moreover, foreign governments including the USA and the UK have no jurisdiction over Cook Island trusts.
  • Foolproof Confidentiality– You, as a settors, trustee, or beneficiary will remain anonymous. Since the related deeds are not registered publicly, no creditor can find information in the public domain. Furthermore, the courts cannot force the trustees to disclose confidential information or share the documents
  • Statute of Limitations– Any lawsuit filed against the beneficiary of the trust must be done extremely quickly. The short Statute of Limitations is usually limited to 2 years. A deterrence of bidding time may be construed as fraudulent practice or conveyance lawsuit.
  • Flexibility– The terms & conditions of establishing and operating an asset trust are not sacrosanct. Instead, you as the setter are free to customize the trust by modifying specific rules. This will allow you to utilize the trust you require. You do not have any compulsion to file the trust deed with the local Registrar. 

While one may become the trustee, it is advisable to join forces with a Limited Liability Cook Islands trust company to ensure flexibility, and the opportunity to diversify the structure thereby obtaining maximum asset protection. 

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