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Revitalize Your Soul in Beautiful Costa Rica

Meeting the demands of modern life is exhausting. From your job that’s always on call, to email andsocial media, everything seems to demand for your time and attention, as if your life is caught in a whirlwind. In an era where hearts are left with double taps, and detox becomes digital, we truly need to sign out of our screens and experience wonderful destinations that the world has to offer.

Unchain Your Soul

The thing about stepping out to travel is that there is something freeing about it, something that slows down our fast-paced life and places us in a totally new space. Taking innew sights smell and experiences – something that clears our minds and makes our spirit soar. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for a vacation?

Whether you fancy the exotic vibe of the Caribbean or the warmth of the Pacific, Costa Rica is the destination that boasts the best of both worlds. With its tropical jungle, turquoise waters, and diverse culture – someone can simply fall in love here. Nestled in Central America, it is a cradle of diversity where traditions of the old flourish alongside Spanish churches and exotic jungles with modern Costa Rica resorts.

Once you land in Costa Rica, one can easily navigate around via bus or shuttle. Accommodations should not be a problem. With a variety of Costa Rican resorts to choose from, you can always find a resort that is to your liking. Our favorite so far is the Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, which offers an exquisite selection of rooms, activities, and amenities aside from oceanfront villas that you would be happy to wake up to. Visit their page to set up your booking today.

Get Active

A vacation is always a good excuse to hit the beach, unwind, relax and yes, get back into shape. With a lot of outdoor activities to try and experience, the whole country is your road to fitness – from hiking to surfing spots, you can say that a sunburn and adventure burnout is always a better option than your day-to-day grind. But if you don’t want to stray far from your hotel and want something easier on the body, why not indulge in a yoga class and a massage after? A cocktail by the beach won’t be a bad idea, either. Here’s a list of outdoor activities from the Andaz Costa Rica Resort as well as others:

  1. Yoga
  2. Hiking
  3. Canoeing
  4. Mountain biking
  5. Snorkeling

If conquering mountains or yoga by the beach is not your kind of adventure, you can still participate in a healthier adventure through a more fun experience. And what is more fun than filling up your belly with healthy, local Costa Rican dishes? But if you would prefer just to hole up indoors (at the cozy confines of your Costa Rica resort), you can always take up classes in Spanish, bartending, or even dancing. You are assured that Costa Rica would never leave your heart and soul (and tummy) unconquered.

Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Why buy travel insurance Malaysia online? To know about travel insurance and its benefits, continue reading this post. There are a lot of travelers who spend huge effort and time to plan the perfect vacations. However, they often forgot to understand the importance of buying travel insurance. There is no doubt that travelers are susceptible to accidents and illnesses when they are traveling to a new country. That’s why travel insurance is important for people who travel overseas.

Travel insurance can provide protection against various unfortunate events, which include medical emergencies, emergency accommodation, flight cancellations, vehicle accidents, etc. The main purpose of travel insurance is giving travelers peace of mind, worry less, and concentrate on having an amazing vacation.

There are many travelers who wonder whether they should really consider travel insurance or not. So, here are the main reasons why you should insure your trip before you travel:

  • What if You Want to Cancel Your Trip?

One of the major reasons why people opt for travel insurance is what if in case they have to cancel their plan, and lose their money they have paid already for the trip. There is no doubt that life is volatile, and it is truly impossible to predict the future. If you are spending on your trip more than you can truly afford to lose your money, then you must go for travel insurance.

  • Health Problem Before/During a Trip

Have you ever wondered what if you or your traveling partner becomes injured or sick, and he or she can’t travel at all? In this case, travel insurance can help you:

  1. If you want to cancel your vacation because your loved one is injured or sick, then you can be reimbursed for your non-refundable and prepaid trip costs.
  2. If you are sick during your vacation, then travel insurance can cover medical expenses, which include an ambulance ride.
  • Travel Delays or Other Interruptions

Flight cancellations, flight delays, traffic accident, a stolen passport, natural disaster, and many other unpredictable events can delay or interrupt your vacation.

Thankfully, a travel insurance policy can help you a lot in these types of situations. You can completely concentrate on to take care of your requirements during trouble like that, and you don’t; have to take stress about what it may cost.

  • Delayed, stolen or Lost Baggage

In the past few years, there were many cases of lost or stolen baggage cases found. With travel insurance, you can reimburse for stolen, damaged, or lost baggage, or personal belongings.

These are the above main benefits of travel insurance that travelers can have if they plan to buy it before they travel. Amazingly, you can buy travel insurance Malaysia online. It is recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy at least 14 to 15 days before your plan. People who are planning for expensive trips should consider travel insurance to protect themselves from any misfortunate before or during the trip.

Things to be Consider visiting to Barcelona for First Time

While travelling to any new place particularly the tourist spots, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. Barcelona is also not an exception to that and particularly if you are first-time visitor then you must read this write-up.

Barcelona is famous for good foods however a number of food stores remains closed during Sundays. Also tipping here is not too popular. You can know about various sight seeing places from internet or from the guide however there are few additional things that no one will tell you.

If you want to know about tourist attractions then visit and you must also carry a printable Barcelona attractions map so that you can easily spot them.

In addition to that following few tips can be very handy for any first-time visitors of Barcelona.

Save in transportation charges

Tickets for any public transport including the metro charges are pretty expensive therefore try to get your hotel accommodation in the city centre area so that you can cover most of the important locations just by walking and need not avail any transportation. You need to plan it properly.

For late night transportation, you must have some other alternate

Many of you must be interested to enjoy the night life of Barcelona. However, during night most of the public transportations are unavailable. Therefore, either you must have any alternate arrangement available or stay near the city centre so that you can walk back to your hotel.

Beaches may not be the best in Barceloneta

Most people often tend to folk around Barceloneta beach however this place is too crowded and very dirty too. You can find many other beaches like Nova Icaria, Mar Bella, Bogatell or any other beaches, which are little cleaner. Plan one day for visiting Costa Brava beaches too.

Buy advance ticket online for Sagrada Familia

Don’t waste your time standing in the queue for hours and get disappointment for getting entry ticket at Sagrada Familia. Better you book ticket online in advance and save your time.

Beware about theft and pickpocketing

While moving in crowded places at Barcelona, you need to be very careful about your belongings as there are lots of thieves and pick pocketers around who are professional. Their methods of operation can be very sophisticated too.

Prefer to visit during off seasons  

If you are a low budget traveller and not much interested in partying etc. then it is better to visit during off season. You will not face too much crowd.

You must consider waiting time also

As most of the museums and sight seeing places are too crowded, you may have to wait for hours to get entry. Therefore, consider the waiting time also while visiting any sight-seeing places.

Don’t stay too long at La Rambla

La Rambla is certainly a place where you must pay a visit however do not plan to stay there too long as the food here are too expensive and not so good too.

Don’t keep Sunday for shopping

Sunday is a holiday for most of the important shops and therefore don’t plan to shop on this day.

A boon for investors and the host nation

For any person personal growth matters a lot. There are many opportunities that one may explore and some of them may not be found in one’s own country. In such case one may prefer to move to another country such as the USA. It can be stated to be a win-win situation for the economy of the United States and also foreign investors to have the EB- 5 visas put in place.  The EB- 5 visa investments added the billions to the gross domestic product in the United States and created forty-two thousand jobs in the year 2012. In the meantime, the EB-5 programme provides the families of the investors and the investors’ the life-changing chances of residing and also working in the U.S.

Immigrant investors, their children, and their spouses shall be allowed to migrate to the U.S. Each member of the family shall obtain a conditional green card for two years. After the conditional period is over, the members of the family and the investor shall be entitled to EB-5 green card USA. Being the holder of the green card, the investor can enjoy all the rights conferred on the citizens but cannot cast a vote. The investor along with his family shall be entitled to become within five years the U.S. citizens.

The EB-5 visa programme has been made for foreign investors. It provides several advantages that render the visa programme extremely alluring. Immigrant investors may be capable of pursuing the path of obtaining quickly the United States permanent residency through the USA EB -5 immigration visa programme.  

Benefits of EB-5 visa programme

Green Card

The immigrant investors along with the spouses and the children who are unmarried having age less than 21 years shall be in a position to obtain green cards.

Quick U.S. residency

As the immigrant investor puts in the money and abides by the standards set in the EB-5 visa programme, the investor together with his family shall be eligible to get the United States citizenship. It will come about via naturalization subsequent to the period of five years of investment. It eliminates the waiting list along with the system of quota that a lot of immigration programmes are known for. When the investor together with his family attains U.S. citizenship, they get all the rights that the other citizens of the U.S are entitled to.

Least qualifying criteria

In addition to making certain the investment pertains to legitimate sources, this EB-5 visa programme asks for no other types of qualifying conditions. Such as, the investor together with his family shall not be needed to know fluent English or possess any minimum education requirements.

No Sponsorship

In case a foreigner desires to reside and also carry on work in the U.S, the existing rules of immigration ask the foreigner to have any member of the family or an employer as a sponsor. But, it is not needed within the set of rules of the EB-5 visa programme. Furthermore, the investor is in a capacity to sponsor other members of his family.

Going Goa? Here are Some Packing Tips to Follow

Goa is definitely a mesmerising destination to hit these holidays. It is extremely popular for its amazing nightlife, carnivals and sugar fine beaches. Scores of tourists hit this destination every year for a great time with their friends and family. But talking about its climate, it’s not the best. What we mean is that it’s not skin friendly and if you are planning a trip during the summer season then it’s likely that your skin will get burnt badly. So, you need to pack your bags intelligently, so that nothing that you might need when you are enjoying your holidays in Goa gets left out. And smart packing is not just to make sure your skin doesn’t burn, it’s also for convenience in a lot of other areas. In case, you haven’t visited Goa before, then you’ll probably find packing for this place a little difficult. But with the guide below, you will definitely find this job a breeze. Have a look-

  • Goa is all about beaches. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit one when you are here. But if you are in any of Goa’s beaches, then you will definitely want to do some frolicking in the sea. And without good beachwear, you cannot hope to do so. So, make sure you pack good and comfortable beachwear to make your beach visits amazing.
  • Goa is going to be a sunny experience. That is why you should never forget your hat and sunglasses. These two items will help you keep the heat at an arm’s length. They will not just protect your eyes and your skin but will also make you look great.
  • When in Goa, there is no point staying indoors. No matter how luxurious or beautiful your hotel room is, the outside world will always seem more amazing and amusing. And if you are looking forward to staying outdoors at night or in the evening, you will probably need an insect repellent cream at hand so that mosquitoes and other insects fail to bother you.
  • Don’t step out of your hotel room without applying sunscreen generously all over your body or at least on the exposed parts. Coming to Goa without a sunscreen will probably ruin your trip. And if you somehow forget to put it inside your bag before leaving for Goa, do buy a pack upon reaching. No matter how much you have paid for one of those amazing Goa honeymoon tour packages, if you eventually turn yourself into a piece of burnt charcoal, you will certainly not feel great about yourself. Your overly tanned skin might also disappoint your partner.
  • When you are in Goa, you cannot avoid walking. Yes, you will do most of the travelling by car or a two-wheeler but walking is something that you will invariably have to do here. So, don’t pack all heels, you will also need other comfortable shoes like slippers, sneakers or say, loafers.

By following these packing tips, you will definitely enjoy your Goa trip to the fullest. And if you are with your partner, then don’t forget to arrange for a trip to Kerala from Goa. There are amazing Kerala tour packages for couple that you can opt for.

Travelling becomes easy with street view

City maps, various routes and the small travel guides that contained the various means of conveyance available in a town or city is now history. They were a great source of information and guide for people who visited new places to explore it with friends or family. The first thing they used to do is buy a city map to see the tourists spots and routes and find the things to be done in that city. People also used to rely upon the local citizens and the sign boards to reach to a certain destination.

People used to hire drivers who had a great knowledge about the local areas and routes. But now people rely on the internet to surf for various things. When a tour is planned the first thing people do now is to go online and find out the various places to visit in a certain state, country or city. This directs one towards the map of the same place one is surfing about and one gets to see the entire map, various routes, conveyance etc. under one platform.

The my-map app in the smart phone operates over the GPS service found in every smart phone. The GPS helps in tracking the current location of the person and then one can enter a destination to find out the best route to be taken. The various cab services uses GPS tracking to find out and connect with the source and destination the passenger has entered so that one can reach the proper destination easily.

Google maps have been a great source of information provider and travel planner. One can even save the directions and maps as per need and plan an entire day depending upon the map. The satellite view helps in navigation by informing about the distance, time and turns to be taken next. The new feature of my maps makes the app even more convenient.

Street view helps people in seeing the panoramic view of a road one is travelling on. One can even check for traffic jams if any. One can zoom in and zoom out according to the view one wants to get. Hence, there is no such hassle of taking a route and then finding out a severe traffic and then take a turn and find a different route. One can see everything before starting to drive and take the route that suits the best.

The Street view feature also defines the various hubs that one might like to search for. Petrol pumps, cafes, food joints, pharmacies etc. are all marked on the map and hence the app provides one with the feeling of staying secured at all points. One can also share the live location with friends or family to ensure that they know where the person is. In case a friend is waiting somewhere on the way to get a pick up one can share live location and track the position of the friend at any point of time and reach the exact position.