Is your fashion app giving you the best experience?

We list a few questions you need to answer about the app you’re currently using, so that you can decide if you need to switch to another one.

As a regular online shopper, you probably have quite a few fashion apps loaded on your phone. But are you completely satisfied with the apps you are using. Maybe you need to answer these questions:

Does it feature the leading brands of the world?

If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Only a few’, then you need a new fashion app, pronto. The best fashion apps like Jabong already have the choicest brands across clothing, footwear, accessories and skin care on board. Besides, these apps keep adding more brands periodically, thus offering customers the widest range of products to choose from. If it does not feature at least 100 of the world’s and the country’s best brands, then it’s not a great app to begin with.

Does it have year-round discounts and sales?

There are scores of fashion apps online – you see ads for them even on your social media feeds. They feature a lot of attractive products appropriate for the season – but do they offer regular discounts? The best apps like Jabong will always feature price cuts and discounts when you shop online, and the discount margin is staggeringly high during festive or limited period sales. If the app you currently use does not have regular discounts, then you need to switch to one that does.

Does it sneakily add charges at the last moment?

You may have encountered this before: you liked a certain dress on a fashion app, got the perfect size for yourself and then proceeded to pay for it. You were happy that you were getting a good discount too. But while perusing your bill, you noticed that the app had added ‘Shipping charges’ to the purchase. You paid for the dress anyway, but it left a sour taste in your mouth, because you felt cheated that the app had added charges at the last minute. If the app you are using does this, then you need to ditch it. A reputed fashion app is upfront about any shipping and handling charges instead of sneaking them in at the last minute.

Is it a secure shopping interface?

This is one of the most important considerations for online shopping – your security when you browse or pay. If your card details and browsing are not protected by the fashion app, then you are left vulnerable to data and money theft from your account. If you are unsure about the app’s online security protocols, choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) option instead of keying in your card details.

Does the app offer a hassle-free exchange or return process?

The test of a fashion app’s professionalism lies in whether it makes the shopping and exchange/return process easy for the customer. If you are forced to jump through hoops to get your money refunded, or to exchange a wrong delivery, then the app is best left alone. The best fashion apps offer a seamless, no questions asked exchange and return policy.

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