What are Intensive and Extensive Properties?

All physical properties of materials can be categorized as ‘intensive properties’ or ‘extensive properties’ based on the changes in that property exhibited by the material when its size is increased. An intensive property of a material can be considered as a bulk property of that material – a local property of the material, which is independent of the size of the material or its quantity. On the other hand, an extensive property is dependent on the size or amount of the material present.

What are Intensive Properties?

Intensive properties can be defined as physical properties that are independent of the amount of substance they are measured for. For example, the density of a homogeneous substance is the same at any given point and is, therefore, an intensive physical property of that material. A few important examples of physical properties that can be classified as intensive properties are listed below.

  • Melting Point: The melting point of a substance remains the same, regardless of the amount of substance present.
  • Boiling Point: Similar to its melting point, the boiling point of a substance can be regarded as an intensive property since it remains consistent, regardless of any increase in the quantity of material.
  • Colour: All homogeneous substances have a uniform distribution of colour. Any increase or decrease in the quantity of material will have no effect whatsoever on the colour of the material. Therefore, colour can also be regarded as an intensive property.

What are Extensive Properties?

Physical properties of substances or systems whose magnitudes/values are directly or inversely proportional to the size of the system or the quantity of the substance are called extensive properties. For example, mass is an extensive property since it increases when the quantity of the substance is increased. Another important example of an extensive property is volume – the greater the amount of matter in a given system, the greater the volume occupied by that matter. To learn more about intensive and extensive properties of matter and other important topics related to physical chemistry, subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube channel and enable notifications.

Mixing up currency trading with stocks

Both the forex and stock market have some similarities that traders often fail to distinguish. Unlike the stocks, certain features can be only availed in forex. If you are a newbie and wondering whether to invest money in this business, this article will help to decide. We have gathered some important differences that will open the eyes and make the readers understand the difference between stock and currency trading.

Remember, the majority of the investors lose due to overconfidence thinking these two sectors are similar. In one sense, they both belong to the financial industry but the methods of operating and the extent of control vary largely. This, in turn, provides bitter experiences to groups who are putting their money at stake. Read from the first to the top to know the hidden dangers as well as the possibilities that this market has to offer.

Forex cannot be rigged

The best advantage and the primary cause millions of investors are flying towards this business is the scope of a fair chance. There is no way on earth any person can rig this market. In the first one, there are always stories about how big corporations and criminals have teamed up to strike an attack on the price. The common people are the victim but by the time this happens, there is no way to improve the situation. Never think of pulling off any tricks while trading, it is not only impossible but also not doable. Due to immense regulations and online surveillance, many hedge funds have failed to operate illegal operations to gain financial benefits. As an individual investor, give up this dream as it is not practical.

Nonetheless, this same reason also motivates millions more to come forward with their hard-earned money. Instead of investing in local businesses, we would encourage the readers to think of forex. It is under global monitoring that makes it fair and equal to all people regardless of experiences. Moreover, many techniques can be suited and modified according to taste. From long-term to short-term scalping, any strategy is profitable as long as it is applied correctly.

Trade with discipline

No matter which market you chose, you must be a discipline trader. Breaking the rules in the Forex trading industry is a very big mistake. But don’t think you can start making millions of dollar profit just by trading the major stocks. You have to follow organized approach in trading or else you will lose most of the trades. So, act smart to survive in this profession. And try to learn from the skilled traders.

Virtually open always

The stock market usually closes at night leaving no opportunity to trade. But various market sessions are always open in the latter. It is extremely unlikely any person will find no profitable session is open for his trade. Before withdrawing money from the bank to invest in stocks, think of currency exchange the next time. Not only it is open 24/7 but it also offers many bonuses that are not found on stocks.

No prior experience, the investment needed

Thanks to the widespread of technology, interested customers can try out free with virtual money in their platform. This is not possible in the stock market. To become a participant, real money is required. This demotivates and more people are flocking to forex. What is even sweeter is no prior skill is required, meaning the common person also has the chance to strike rich. Many professional bloggers and traders provide important lessons free of cost that can lay the foundation for the beginners. In the first market, the skill can only be gathered through losses.

Local vs. Global

There is no better place than mingling with amigos from around the world and gain experiences. This will also help in developing knowledge, understanding how the economy works and how to plan successfully for the next trade.

Importance of Technical Translation Services in Dubai for Different Segments

Translations are essential today, where it is possible to create and share content and knowledge from all over the world, and technical translation has a prominent importance in this regard.

The service has as an important feature the type of content with which it works, which makes it a direct highlight in building a world with more knowledge, experience, science and relevant information, especially for the large number of segments with which it can work. Act.

Let us better understand how this service works and why it is of such fundamental importance to globalization.

What is technical translation?

It is the application of translation services in technical content, which belong to any of the areas of knowledge, such as law, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, among others.

The service consists of translating content that is in one language to another, as it happens with other types of translation, except that they are much more specific, that is, they require a special knowledge of the professional responsible for the service.

For example, technical translation services focused on nursing need to be performed by professionals who have full knowledge of the source and target languages ​​and, moreover, about nursing itself, as there are several technical terms that are not always are generally known.

To better understand, you can draw a parallel with medicine, for example: if a lay person in the area participates in a college class on the subject, even with the mastery of the language, the words and terms quoted will not be fully understood. as it is a technical terminology.

This is why technical translations should be done by professionals who are fully familiar with the subject and preferably who are trained in the field or who have deep knowledge in that field, which will provide conditions for quality work and complete understanding for who will consume the content.

Which segments need technical translations the most?

Among all the areas of expertise of technical translation , some of the most outstanding are the following:


New medical discoveries are made almost daily, and the findings found in one part of the world may be exactly what a patient across the globe needs to take care of their health.

For this reason, medicine is among the main areas in which technical translation works, since making such content available can literally save lives.


Chemistry is also an essential area as it can relate to medicine, nursing, biology, physics, engineering and many others, given its versatility, such as when a new element is discovered or when a material is developed, for example. .

This versatility is one of the main characteristics that place chemistry among the most sought after areas for technical translations, since its development can directly impact other aspects of science and knowledge.


This is an area with high growth potential, as many energy sources currently used have high pollutant potential, which does not make them the best long-term candidates. Also, energy is needed all over the world.

Sources of energy, natural resources and techniques of energy use are some of the areas that the area can reach and whose discoveries need technical translation to be disseminated around the world.

Technical translation: a fundamental service for society

Translation is an area that has existed for thousands of years. Since then, new concepts have emerged and society has evolved, resulting in a broadening of the range of opportunities that such an area contemplates.

Technical issues may be important around the world, not just in the country or region in which the article was written or a particular discovery was made, but they cannot spread to other parts of the world without the technical translation.

Therefore, it is valid to think that this service is directly related to building a knowledge-rich society, even if it does not directly influence discoveries and novelties, technical translation has an important role in making content available to other people and cultures.

Much of the things we have in our day to day life were discovered or created by people who spoke other languages, and if it weren’t for translation professionals, it probably wouldn’t have come to us yet.

So from now on, whenever you think about technical translation , keep in mind the importance of this service and why it should be delegated to professionals of a reliable and experienced translation company like Dubai Translation Services. After all, it is through this translated content that news and discoveries can be shared with the world.

What are the causes of hair loss and how to prevent it?

Hair loss has become more and more common nowadays affecting people of all ages and not just the elderly. Hair growth and loss are affected by various factors such as hormonal change, nutrition and general health (physical and mental) of a person. Hair loss is classified according to the pattern and the causes of it. Here are some of the common type of hair loss:

1.Alopecia areata

Alopecia means bald and areata means patch. Alopecia areata hence means patchy baldness. The type of bald pattern seen on the person is usually characteristic in a way that there will be scattered bald with scalp seen in a circular shape around the head, beard or even on the eyebrows. The condition can be due to stress. It is usually resolved on its own and the person is advised not to scratch the head.

2. Alopecia totalis

Alopecia totalis is a subtype of alopecia areata where the head is totally bald with just the scalp left. Alopecia totalis is believed to be caused by factors like stress and hypothyroidism. It also has a strong genetic or hereditary relationship where as much as 20% of people having this condition have a positive family history. The genetic factor may have resulted in autoimmunity in which the body immune system attacking the person’s hair follicles causing baldness.

3. Ovarian problems

In women, most common triggering factors of hair loss are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and Testosterone-secreting Ovarian Tumour (TOT). PCOS and TOT both have similar presentation of hair loss which is bitemporal (sides of the head) hair loss and occipital (back of the head) hair loss.

Both of them also have high testosterone level. PCOS is however slow in onset and commonly occur during puberty to early adulthood while TOT onset in much quicker. POF, on the other hand, has a more diffuse hair loss including under the armpit and at bikini area.

4. Iron deficiency

The iron is important for red blood cell production as well as for hair growth. The pattern of this type of hair loss usually affects the head more than any other areas of the body.

5. Extreme physical stress

Extreme physical stress includes severe illness like cancer and the treatment for which it uses such as the cytotoxic (cell induce death) drugs. Similar to iron deficiency hair loss, the pattern of baldness here also only affects the head. Hair usually grows back once the illness is cured or the drugs stopped.

What are the treatment and prevention of hair loss?

There are many ways to treat and prevent hair loss which can be categorised into three ways namely conservative, medical and aesthetic treatment. Permanent hair loss treatment has come so far in this 21st century which makes hair growth easily available to most people.

Conservative treatment comprises of advice given such as taking iron supplements and stress management together with a healthy lifestyle and good dieting. Meanwhile, medical treatment only has two options which are the use of minoxidil and finasteride drugs that aim to tackle androgen-related (high testosterone) hair loss.

If conservative and medical treatments are not suitable or effective, aesthetic management which includes PRP injection or hair implants may be a good and permanent solution for this problem.

In a nutshell, hair loss has a multitude of factors and treatment options. It is therefore good for the person to seek expert advice before taking or opt for hair loss treatment as the causes have to be identified first.

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Is your fashion app giving you the best experience?

We list a few questions you need to answer about the app you’re currently using, so that you can decide if you need to switch to another one.

As a regular online shopper, you probably have quite a few fashion apps loaded on your phone. But are you completely satisfied with the apps you are using. Maybe you need to answer these questions:

Does it feature the leading brands of the world?

If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Only a few’, then you need a new fashion app, pronto. The best fashion apps like Jabong already have the choicest brands across clothing, footwear, accessories and skin care on board. Besides, these apps keep adding more brands periodically, thus offering customers the widest range of products to choose from. If it does not feature at least 100 of the world’s and the country’s best brands, then it’s not a great app to begin with.

Does it have year-round discounts and sales?

There are scores of fashion apps online – you see ads for them even on your social media feeds. They feature a lot of attractive products appropriate for the season – but do they offer regular discounts? The best apps like Jabong will always feature price cuts and discounts when you shop online, and the discount margin is staggeringly high during festive or limited period sales. If the app you currently use does not have regular discounts, then you need to switch to one that does.

Does it sneakily add charges at the last moment?

You may have encountered this before: you liked a certain dress on a fashion app, got the perfect size for yourself and then proceeded to pay for it. You were happy that you were getting a good discount too. But while perusing your bill, you noticed that the app had added ‘Shipping charges’ to the purchase. You paid for the dress anyway, but it left a sour taste in your mouth, because you felt cheated that the app had added charges at the last minute. If the app you are using does this, then you need to ditch it. A reputed fashion app is upfront about any shipping and handling charges instead of sneaking them in at the last minute.

Is it a secure shopping interface?

This is one of the most important considerations for online shopping – your security when you browse or pay. If your card details and browsing are not protected by the fashion app, then you are left vulnerable to data and money theft from your account. If you are unsure about the app’s online security protocols, choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) option instead of keying in your card details.

Does the app offer a hassle-free exchange or return process?

The test of a fashion app’s professionalism lies in whether it makes the shopping and exchange/return process easy for the customer. If you are forced to jump through hoops to get your money refunded, or to exchange a wrong delivery, then the app is best left alone. The best fashion apps offer a seamless, no questions asked exchange and return policy.

A Quick Glance Over The Identical Twins

Upon strolling on the street, your eyes catch sight of two people who exactly look the same. Did you get stunned for a while? It is natural to get confused at first when you look two persons who share same appearance. When you happen to see such people, you should know that you have seen twins. They are known as identical twins who have same looks and they behave the same. Nowadays, two identical twins are getting married with another pair of identical twins. If you are curious to know more about the identical twins, then glance through the lines mentioned below.

What do you mean by identical twins?

If you go by official term, the identical twins are often known as monozygotic twins. Identical twins are formed from one (mono) fertilized egg which is known as zygote. Now, the fertilized eggs get splitted into two parts soon after a woman gets pregnant. With each day passes by, the zygote develops in two different embryos which share the same genes and same DNA. The interesting part is that the identical twins are born at the same time.

The other type of twin is known as fraternal twins which are also known as dizygotic twins. In the fraternal twins, two separate eggs get fertilized. The fraternal twins do not look exactly the same. Their birth time also varies.

Some exciting facts about identical twins

  1. Identical twins divide with depend on the hereditary factor. It happens by sheer luck or coincidence.
  2. The reason of egg splitting is still unknown for the medical researchers. Hence, the cause of the identical twins is still a mystery for people.
  3. Report states there has been a rise in the identical twins in the last few years.
  4. The chances of having identical twins seem to be high for women who give birth through the process of In Vitro fertilization.
  5. The identical twins are either two girls or two boys.

What is Quaternary marriage?

When a pair of identical twins gets hitched with another pair of identical twins, it is known as Quaternary marriage. A marriage of two identical twins is a rare case. Around 250 marriages of identical twins have been happened so far. As per legal and genealogical viewpoint, when an offspring gets married to another, technically, they are considered as first cousins. But, they’re cousins identical cousins, so the DNA of the identical twins cousins world be tough to differentiate from that of the siblings of the same genes. It will not be possible to identify the biological parents in such marriages.

Do identical twins share the same placenta?

Many a time, doctors mistake identical twins as fraternal twins because of two placentas. When the egg splits and the two embryos get implanted separately in the uterus in the early stage of pregnancy, then the doctor declares the individual placentas as the identical twins. Mere by looking at the twins, it is not possible to say whether they are identical twins or fraternal twins. It can be found out by the genetic tests and blood test.

These days, the identical twins having babies with identical twins. To know more about this, you can consult free with the experts of the eminent health care provider.

Investment expert witnesses

Investment expert witnesses are vital for complicated proceedings within the commercial trade. The securities and investments trade works among a structure of rules and laws. If there’s a discrepancy concerning these rules and regulations, however, a legal proceeding could also be created against one or additional of the concerned parties. In such complaints, securities and investments specialists or consultants could also be referred to as upon to supply an expert opinion concerning the right codes and compliance about the sphere.

Securities are depictions of monetary quality, like a forthcoming debt or rightful possession. Securities most frequently take the shape of an investment, that is once the capitalist spends an exact quantity of cash to support a sort of quality with the expectation of future gain. Such investments embrace stocks, bonds, mutual funds, varied kinds of insurance, hedge funds, options, or due diligence. Like any variety of financially based mostly legal proceeding, details could become sophisticated, therefore finding the proper securities and investments witness is integral to reaching an undefeated outcome to your case.

Mortgage funded securities may additionally be the topic of a legal proceeding if AN out of the blue issue were to occur, like a monetary breach within the contract between collaborating parties. A security and investment expert witness is typically licensed and certified in multiple areas of the financial sector, as well as insurance, securities, financial consulting, or public accounting.

When attorneys look to hire an expert witness for his or her case, they give the impression of being certain of the qualities that they believe can end in a win for his or her purchasers. In any space of the law, the standard of professional witnesses will vary from excellent to terribly poor. Moreover, attorneys will pay thousands of bucks for an associate expert opinion that they have to prove their case. However, whereas obvious qualifications like associate expert’s education, skills, and work expertise square measure reliable, objective indicators of associate expert’s suitableness for a case, there square measure variety of intangible, personal qualities that square measure equally necessary to think about

A professional opinion is delivered primarily in 3 stages. First, you have got the time wherever the professional prepares a report, documenting their findings, and also the methodology they wont to get them. Second, there’s the deposition wherever the professional testifies concerning their opinion and is cross-examined by opposing counsel. Third, once you have reached, the expert is testifying ahead of a ruling or jury. Several professional witnesses testify in multiple cases and that they might not bear in mind everything they are saying in their reports or their depositions. This may cause inconsistencies, which may be seen by the opposing party to diminish the opinion of your professional. This can be why it’s vital that your professional is consistent through the whole method of making ready of the report, the deposition, and testifying at trial.

Consistency additionally matters from case to case. Let’s say associate professional provides associate opinion on the causes of cardiopathy in one case wherever he says that smoking doesn’t cause cardiopathy. Then, let’s say he gives a second opinion wherever he says that smoking will cause cardiopathy. Allow us to assume more than we tend to square measure in an exceedingly county wherever the law companies discuss with one another and exchange transcripts of depositions between cases. This poses the likelihood of your professional witness’s opinion being impeached by inconsistent view in a case.

The Benefits of Family Bonding in Bricktown

Oklahoma City might be home to the (technically) newest NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder, but it’s also living proof that Oklahoma was ahead of the curve, in general. That’s right, many cities and towns overlooked the opportunity to build up districts with their own unique feel and style. Bricktown was always a go-to spot for those visiting as well as the locals, and it’s one of the best spots for family bonding to boot.

A visit to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown will offer you the chance to go on a deep dive into a unique and interesting history. This doesn’t mean that it’s a part of a town stuck in time. It has a great balance when it comes to historical and modern attractions.

What makes Bricktown so great for families?

OKC is a big place and this also means that there are many other options available to you for family outings. There are other cool places in Oklahoma City, like Deep Deuce, the Arts District, The Paseo, and Midtown. So why go to Bricktown for the day over the other parts of Oklahoma City?

Like a lot of the up-and-coming districts in Oklahoma, it once was an industrial area that not only housed facilities but warehouses as well. As the economy changed and different people and businesses moved in and out, this led to the transformation from the industrialist life it once has into the entertainment district it is today. This gives Bricktown a unique look and feel for a family-friendly destination. It’s also attracted some really cool businesses and places of interest.

Below are some of the most popular among locals and visitors alike.

  1. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

What better place to learn about cowboys than in the heart of Oklahoma? This is probably what pushed the creation of the National Cowboy Museum in OKC, which also boasts a selection of some of the richest pieces of western history ever seen.

  1. Myriad Botanical Gardens

When you want a walk outdoors that can also provide an educational opportunity for the family, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is the place to go. It’s more than just a park. It’s loaded with some of the most beautiful pieces of nature for those just looking to get away and relax.

  1. Brickopolis: The Ultimate Family Fun Venue

With over 3 stories dedicated to family fun, it’s definitely a leader when it comes to family entertainment in Oklahoma City. From miniature golf to video games to laser tag, there’s a little bit of everything to ensure your family will enjoy their visit. Don’t worry, if you get hungry, they have a restaurant there as well, so you don’t have to leave the fun just to go grab lunch.

If you need lodging accommodations, you’re covered.

Not only is Bricktown full of fun that can last for days and great food sure to make memories, but it’s also home to some of the finest hotels in Oklahoma City. This is one district that makes the hospitality industry really work for their money.

Of the ones that stand out, Hyatt Place Oklahoma City/Bricktown is one of the more popular options. It offers a solid breakfast to get you the needed energy to start the day off with a bang. Not to mention, a fitness center, high-speed internet, and a modern look and feel. The AC Hotel by Marriot offers a boutique-style hotel experience and offers members free Wi-Fi.

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Thermal wear is the type of clothing that helps to protect the body from the harsh cold and winter. Almost our body has capable to wear at limited cold so they have to hire the right website to find out suitable thermal wear. It is the right option for the customer to protect the body with the best condition. During the winter season, it is necessary to keep your body as warm so that it allows working properly and getting comfort at every time. Here the thermal wear for women is made with the help of the quality fabric which is easily worn below the shirt and per your requirements. Apart from that, it protects the skin by removing the different moisture over the skin and it makes the body as warm at all time. It is found basically in the part of the wool and also cotton so it will replace the traditional form of pajamas. It designed with the funnel and also delivers a suitable layer of warmth. Even some of the people well know to wear long sleeves and also make with the least amount of the heating bill and also material helps to make warmth and need a less electric bill.

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