What are Intensive and Extensive Properties?

All physical properties of materials can be categorized as ‘intensive properties’ or ‘extensive properties’ based on the changes in that property exhibited by the material when its size is increased. An intensive property of a material can be considered as a bulk property of that material – a local property of the material, which is independent of the size of the material or its quantity. On the other hand, an extensive property is dependent on the size or amount of the material present.

What are Intensive Properties?

Intensive properties can be defined as physical properties that are independent of the amount of substance they are measured for. For example, the density of a homogeneous substance is the same at any given point and is, therefore, an intensive physical property of that material. A few important examples of physical properties that can be classified as intensive properties are listed below.

  • Melting Point: The melting point of a substance remains the same, regardless of the amount of substance present.
  • Boiling Point: Similar to its melting point, the boiling point of a substance can be regarded as an intensive property since it remains consistent, regardless of any increase in the quantity of material.
  • Colour: All homogeneous substances have a uniform distribution of colour. Any increase or decrease in the quantity of material will have no effect whatsoever on the colour of the material. Therefore, colour can also be regarded as an intensive property.

What are Extensive Properties?

Physical properties of substances or systems whose magnitudes/values are directly or inversely proportional to the size of the system or the quantity of the substance are called extensive properties. For example, mass is an extensive property since it increases when the quantity of the substance is increased. Another important example of an extensive property is volume – the greater the amount of matter in a given system, the greater the volume occupied by that matter. To learn more about intensive and extensive properties of matter and other important topics related to physical chemistry, subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube channel and enable notifications.

Simple Strategies to Eradicate Japanese Knotweed

Every weed is dangerous. If left to thrive, weeds can negatively impact your garden and render the place unproductive.  Some weeds can even make your home inhabitable if care is not taken. A very good example of such a weed is Japanese knotweed. This weed is very stubborn and can take over your home if you allow it. The earlier you got rid of it the better for you.  The weed grows very fast and studies show that it can grow as high as 40 cm per day; imagine how tall it would have grown after just a couple of weeks!  You should do everything within your power to get rid of the weed. We will look at the best ways to eradicate this weed in your garden in this write-up.

Herbicides can help

Herbicides are reliable for the removal of Japanese knotweed from your garden at home or your commercial building. Not all herbicides can, however, be used for this purpose; you are always better off with Glyphosate-based herbicides. This product has proved effective for the complete eradication of the weed and its effect is always long lasting so that your garden can be free from this stubborn weed for a very long time.

The herbicide is very easy to apply for the removal of Japanese knotweed. All you need to do is to pour the herbicide into a sprayer and mix it appropriately, after which you should spray the foliage of the weed with the properly-mixed herbicide (underline properly-mixed).  Another way of applying the herbicide is by injecting it into the stem of the weed; some are of the opinion that this second method of applying this weed is more effective than the initial method mentioned since the herbicide goes directly into the system of the plant and kill it from within. Some factors, like heavy rainfall, can affect the effectiveness of the initial method; heavy rainfall or even heavy snowfall can wash off the herbicide from the foliage and, therefore, render the herbicide useless.

Some are of the opinion that the Japanese knotweed can be best eradicated by spraying the herbicide on the weed during the various stages of development of the weed, especially during the growing season.  When choosing the right herbicide for the eradication of this weed, you should consider various factors, like the general public, presence of watercourse and infestation size.

Uprooting the weed

One other way to get rid of Japanese knotweed from your garden is to uproot the weed. Digging out the rhizomes can bring about a total removal of the weed. Studies show that the rhizomes are highly contributory to the spread of the weed. After uprooting the rhizomes, you can then dispose of them to a licensed landfill facility.

Understand the General Sessions Conducted by the Consultants to Groom a Student

Students who wish to seek his/her higher examinations abroad has to settle on all the correct choices during the time spent distinguishing the correct course and the perfect place to do as such. The circumstance turns out to be considerably more mind-boggling if there is nobody in the family or among the known ones who too have any such data. Such circumstance of vulnerabilities can be truly tormenting for anybody. Luckily, web today gives a ton of data identified with approaches to check such distressing circumstances and locate the opportune place and furthermore the best establishment to proceed with and getting in touch with study abroad education consultants.

The Probable Session Those Are Generally Conducted by the Consultants

Interview Session: The students are pretty aware of the infrastructure of the particular college they are willing to pursue their degree from. But they always have the opportunity to get in touch with a consultation and seek their help to connect with any previous students of theirs who have toseek admission in that particular college. This will let him or her know what to expect from the different sessions of the college and how everything is conducted.

Movement Session: This will be identified with all questions identified as settling down in the new nation, including lodging convenience, suppers, area, and so on.

Meeting Session: This will be identified with every one of the inquiries that the students will look before he or she is confirming to join into their preferred college.

Situation Session: This will be identified with the position record of the foundation, and what all alternatives the students will have in his grasp upon the fulfillment of his course. These generally include the type of test, the legal documents etc that are required for the students to submit for getting themselves enrolled in the particular college.

Monetary Help Session: This will incorporate advising identified with any money related guide that the student needs to complete their education in the particular country, and furthermore helping him/her out with the same simultaneously

Social Session: This will be identified with data about the way of life of the nation that the students will visit as well, including its and bits of specific things that one may need to complete while remaining in that nation.

There are numerous study visa agents who have set up their business in the migration business to enable individuals to consider abroad. Shockingly, not these specialists are bona fide and they don’t generally mean what they ought to be. In any case, in the event that you are extremely genuine about a worldwide future, it is critical that you investigate showcase for the best movement administrations. Pick just the most presumed counsels who have notoriety as dependable migration knowledge, huge experience and history and who has a considerable achievement rate. Such a guide helps you with the recording and visa application, assembling the required documentation. Along these lines, think about migration experts for different countries give you a pathway to your fantasies of concentrate in the wonderful nation.