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How to Care for Cosplay Contacts

How to Care for Cosplay Contacts

Many people have more than one pair of colored contact lenses, and unused contacts face the problem of preservation. Most people open their glasses case only to find that their contacts are faded or curled, which is exactly why they were not stored properly. What are the steps to save cosplay contacts? What other issues should we be aware of regarding the maintenance of cosplay contacts?

  • Cosplay contacts maintenance steps.

 (1) Cleaning

Place the lens in the palm of your hand and rub the lens gently with the fingertips of your other hand after putting 2 or 3 drops of lens cleaning solution into the lens.

After cleaning, soak the lenses in saline, then place the saline or lens preserving solution in the case and store the left and right lenses in order.

(2) Disinfection: there are two steps, thermal and chemical disinfection. Thermal and chemical disinfection is performed as follows.

Thermal disinfection: After filling the lens case with salt water, place the lens in the case and immerse it in water at 85 to 100°C for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Chemical disinfection: the solution is placed in a container and the lenses are placed in the container and soaked for the time specified by the manufacturer of the solution.

    Like regular contacts, cosplay contacts are worn directly in the eyes, so they have very strict hygiene requirements, and we must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using them to avoid damaging our eyes.

  • Other questions about cosplay contacts maintenance.

(1) Selecting the appropriate contact lens case.

Eyeglass cases should be deep enough to hold a sufficient amount of care solution.

Don’t pick one with a bump or pattern on the bottom of the case, as this can distort your contacts. You may not be able to see the change with the naked eye, but it does affect the comfort of the wearer.

(2) Frequency of replacement of contact eye care solution.

Must be replaced weekly! The antimicrobial effect of the solution will disappear over time, and it will evaporate and crystallize, so it should not be used for prolonged contact lens soaking.


You can’t store your contacts in saline! Sanitizing saline solution is only suitable for preserving lenses that have not been removed and worn. Because it has no antiseptic effect, lenses that have come in contact with the eye are already contaminated with bacteria and need to be preserved with an antiseptic solution to be effective.

You should not soak the case in alcohol and then put the contact lenses back in immediately.

If you happen to have a spare pair of contacts, try the above method, it may help you. As a reminder, there are also cosplay contacts and cosplay costume available on the Crazecosplay website, so feel free to go to Crazecosplay and choose the products you need, we’ll be happy to help you.

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