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Top Tips to Write a Good CV

Top Tips to Write a Good CV

Writing a curriculum vitae is of utmost importance for every job seeker. When it is done properly, this document opens the door for a job interview. Its quality therefore increases the chance of landing a job. Find out how to write a resume the right way.

What to Put on a CV?

Of course, you must start with your last name, first name and contact details. Then comes the title, then the headings. There are the essentials including school background, training and work experience. resumes are still formatted, but less and less. As long as the title, Work Experience, Skills and Education sections are there, you can then adjust as you wish. By adding a References section, for example, if you have very good recommendations that are particularly relevant to the position in question. Also, do not hesitate to include an Interests section in your CV, if that demonstrates useful qualities for the position.

Work on the CV Presentation

When it comes to formatting, unless you’re a communications professional, you’d better avoid visual overload and baroque fonts. The trend is for soft design and you will find a template like this on a CV creator. A minimalism of the resume, in a way. In addition, an overloaded CV is suspect in the eyes of recruiters. If the recruiter sees a lot of shapes in your CV, graphics, visuals, skill lists, for example, they may feel like you are trying to embellish your background and your qualities too much. The rule is therefore to make a simple, unique and aesthetic resume.

Test and Adjust the CV

A CV is written by successive optimizations. Very often, it will be necessary to proceed by adjustment. In other words, if your freshly redone CV does not meet with any success despite the relevance between your background and the targeted positions, question yourself and modify it. In the first job interviews, you will also understand the things that are misunderstood in your CV. For example, you have highlighted a result that you are particularly proud of and you are told that there is not necessarily enough, you just have to delete it. Also, make sure that the document is free from mistakes. The slightest spelling error can offend a recruiter. Be a perfectionist and do not hesitate to have your CV proofread by one or two people you trust. A good resume must be impeccable.

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