3 Tips to help you pick the best dish TV package

So you’ve decided to ditch the cable wallah, and get your very own dish TV package. Good for you. But in your excitement to get the best prime time entertainment, you seem to have hit a stone wall. Just take a deep breath and read on.

By now, poor quality transmission from your local cable operator has convinced you that you need DTH for your home. But when choosing the best dish tv package for yourself or your family, don’t just look atpricing. Instead, make sure to scrutinise the contract terms, installation costs, the number of HD channels and on-demand titles, the quality andcapability of DVRs (digital video recorder) and other equipment.

If you don’t find a package that suits your needs, don’t worry, Airtel allows you to create a customised package just for you. Not only that, it allows you to customise this package every month. So, you can get the best dish tv package and gain access to international channels, sports, live shows andon-demand entertainment. Even if you’re on a fixed budget, you can create customised packages and enjoy the best combination of channels at the lowest price.

So now that you know a little bit more about choosing the best dish tv package for you, let’s break it down further.

  • Check out all the packages on offer: In order to get the best dish tv package, you first need to know what channels you want and if those are on offer. Also, if you want a particular channel or channels that are not part of the package, will you be required to pay an additional amount? Also, remember that most basic packages do not include sports channels, lifestyle, movie or HD channels. So if you want any of these, be prepared to shell out more money. Also, check with your service provider how often you can switch between plans.Or you can simply choose Airtel digital TV which allows you to create your own channel packages at affordable rates. Airtel DTH Monthly HD packs start from Rs 292.
  • Channels on offer: Before you decide on the best dish tv package first ask your service provider about the number of free channels included in the package and how often will they add new channels to the mix.Also, make sure to ask about regional channels if you are interested in watching them. Next, ask about HD and interactive channels and if they are available as part of the package.Don’t be swayed by the number of channels on offer, but instead focus on what you are interested in viewing.  Airtel Digital TVallows you to customise your own package through its a la carte channel service and you can also avail of the ‘add a channel’ service to your existing plan. You can also choose packages from the monthly and long duration subscription packs.
  • Is HD the way to go? If you’re already the proud owner of an HD flat panel TV, it makes sense to opt for an HD set top box. But remember, you have to pay extra to get the HD channels. Airtel Digital TV offers customers 3 plans – 30 HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 1080, 44 HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 2040 and all HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 2700. All these packages also offer the HD box upgrade at Rs. 599.

A glance at the various pregnancy hormones

All of you would be aware of pregnancy hormones. The levels of some of them may rise whereas some is normal. The example that does come to the mind in a split second happens to be HCG. Their main objective would be to ensure a healthy pregnancy and ensure the wellbeing of your baby. But there are some other hormones that you are not going to be aware of. This does go on to help the body to prepare for pregnancy and non-pregnancy functions.


In the sexual reproduction or bonding this hormone has a huge role to play. This hormone has a lot of role to play during the process of child birth. This stretches to the first year after your pregnancy as well. You can confer the fact that this hormone is present throughout the course of pregnancy. It does influence the bonding between a mother and a new born child. The moment you are in the starting stage of your labour, the uterus is going to be in a contraction stage due to the increasing levels of this hormone. Once the baby is born which does happen in the last stage of labour, there is a specific function of the hormone. It needs to help in the contraction of the uterus. In doing you can expect the placenta to be pushed out of the uterus. The blood vessels that are close to it will be detached off. Then the uterus will shrink back to the normal size. If higher levels of this hormone are found it will encourage mutual attachment between the mother and the baby.


When does relaxin  peak during pregnancy would be the first thing to strike you. In fact this hormone is present even when you are not pregnant but this would be at much lower levels. When does relaxin peak in pregnancy and you can say that the moment you do become pregnant. It reaches an alarming level during the first trimester of pregnancy. It does lead to an encouragement in the growth of the placenta . In a way you can say that it goes on to prevent preterm delivery. One of the not so pleasant symptoms of this hormone would be the pregnancy related symptoms become loose.


This works out to be a major milk production hormone. You can expect their levels to increase by close to 20 to 30 times during the tenure of pregnancy. You can refer to the fact that this does prepare the breast tissues for lactation. Once you give birth the levels of this hormone are bound to rise. At this juncture you can say that the production of milk does start off. But if you need to ensure the production of milk along with the hormones you would need to pump or breastfeed. If you perform any of the above actions, this would lead to the release of the hormone and in the process the milk glands would be forced to produce more and more milk.

Buy trendy t-shirts for men online

Without any doubt, it is always noticed that every single man look classy in the pair of t-shirt and jeans. And most of the men out there always look for the latest trendy t-shirts which can give a decent look to their personality. If you are looking for the latest variety of t-shirts. You must buy men t-shirts online for more convenience and satisfaction. Because online stores provide a large variety of t-shirts or any other apparels.

Types of men’s t-shirts

Here is the collection of men’s t-shirts which is offered at online fashion stores are as follows-

  • Hooded t-shirts

Hooded t-shirts are very graceful kind of t-shirts, which are popular among the fashionholic men. This stylish and versatile t-shirt adds a right amount of trendy look to your personality. You can wear this amazing t-shirt anytime in order to stay away from cold breeze, heat and light drizzle as well.

  • From pocket t-shirts

Pocket t-shirts look extremely very decent and classy as well. The pocket designed on the front side of the t-shirt is just to add a trendier look in a t-shirt. There are so many fashion conscious men who like to wear front pocket t-shirts with cargo pants and denim as well. This kind of shirts can go well with your off-duty look.

  • Polo t-shirts

Polo t-shirts are also the best kind of t-shirts, which are usually preferred by men to attend any formal party, get together, golf practice and many more. You can pair up this classy t-shirt with graceful and decent blue denim in order to look trendy and decent as well. These kinds of t-shirts are greatly available at online stores. You must buy it from there at reasonable prices.

  • Henley t-shirts

Henley t-shirts always give a trendy and stylish look to the wearer’s personality. This kind of t-shirts is a collarless version of polo t-shirts. Fitness freaks always like to prefer versatile, body fit and comfortable t-shirts in order to show off abs. These kind of t-shirts are available in the most popular online stores. If you are looking for it, buy it from online stores at reasonable prices.

  • V-neck t-shirts

V-neck t-shirts are common among the fashion freak guys or men. They usually look for the most attractive and decent V-neck t-shirt in order to flaunt in the casual day. Such kind of t-shirts provides both formal and casual look. All you need is to pair this t-shirt with the right kind of bottom like denim etc. You can easily find the available of V-neck t-shirts at online stores.

If you are greatly in search of a best variety of t-shirts for men. Go through the most reliable and trusted online fashion stores and find the cost-effective and qualitative t-shirts. There is a huge variety of qualitative t-shirts for men ate available. Find the best pieces of shirts for yourself by exploring the variety of men’s t-t-shirts thoroughly.

Travelling becomes easy with street view

City maps, various routes and the small travel guides that contained the various means of conveyance available in a town or city is now history. They were a great source of information and guide for people who visited new places to explore it with friends or family. The first thing they used to do is buy a city map to see the tourists spots and routes and find the things to be done in that city. People also used to rely upon the local citizens and the sign boards to reach to a certain destination.

People used to hire drivers who had a great knowledge about the local areas and routes. But now people rely on the internet to surf for various things. When a tour is planned the first thing people do now is to go online and find out the various places to visit in a certain state, country or city. This directs one towards the map of the same place one is surfing about and one gets to see the entire map, various routes, conveyance etc. under one platform.

The my-map app in the smart phone operates over the GPS service found in every smart phone. The GPS helps in tracking the current location of the person and then one can enter a destination to find out the best route to be taken. The various cab services uses GPS tracking to find out and connect with the source and destination the passenger has entered so that one can reach the proper destination easily.

Google maps have been a great source of information provider and travel planner. One can even save the directions and maps as per need and plan an entire day depending upon the map. The satellite view helps in navigation by informing about the distance, time and turns to be taken next. The new feature of my maps makes the app even more convenient.

Street view helps people in seeing the panoramic view of a road one is travelling on. One can even check for traffic jams if any. One can zoom in and zoom out according to the view one wants to get. Hence, there is no such hassle of taking a route and then finding out a severe traffic and then take a turn and find a different route. One can see everything before starting to drive and take the route that suits the best.

The Street view feature also defines the various hubs that one might like to search for. Petrol pumps, cafes, food joints, pharmacies etc. are all marked on the map and hence the app provides one with the feeling of staying secured at all points. One can also share the live location with friends or family to ensure that they know where the person is. In case a friend is waiting somewhere on the way to get a pick up one can share live location and track the position of the friend at any point of time and reach the exact position.

Ways of boosting your children’s party entertainment

Parties are most interesting part of the kid’s life where they can experience change from their daily schedule. It is thereby required that one organizes these parties in a manner which is liked by the kids who are going to join the party. For that, it is required to know the interest levels of the kids who are going to join the party which will help in getting the best theme of the party.

Children’s engagement with the content which is delivered at the party is extremely important in order to make them feel enthusiastic at the party. It will require organizing location, decorations and even the events which are to be organized at the party. These factors will help the kids to feel joyful while visiting the party and thereby interact with other kids to explore the party more.

Boosting the entertainment of children’s party

It is required that children’s feel engaged enough at the party. In addition to that, there are few of the ways which one can adopt in order to boost the children’s party entertainment which they are receiving at the party. This will ultimately result in more number of kids joining your party in future as they are liking the way your party is getting organized.

One should try to have a present for each of the kids when they arrive at the party with a welcome note. It is a small yet an interesting thing which can boost the enthusiasm of the kids who are going to attend the party. This present can also be followed by a song which is recently quite popular among the kids which can encourage the kids to enjoy the party.

The food is also one of the parameters which can bring enthusiasm to the kids. The organizer can get to know the recent trend of food which is popular among the kids. Keeping that food in the party will boost the enthusiasm among the kids further as they are getting the things more than expected. It can also be added with a play station at the location where game lovers can explore the games.

Effect of boosting the entertainment of the kids

Boosting the entertainment of the kids by providing extras to them will help you to make the kids remain focused on the party and not at some other place. It will help you to prevent your party being monotonous and engaging enough. This will also increase the amount of kids engagement in terms of talk with each other which can further improve their connections with each other.

In addition to connections, they can also share their experiences and have the most fun time of their life at the party. It will thereby help the kids to reduce the boredom which they have received from the daily routine tasks and return back to the tasks with fresh energy received from the party.


Thus, we can say that there are few of the things which you can organize to boost the amount of entertainment which kids are receiving at the party. It will help the kids to pay full attention to the content which is delivered at the party and thereby enjoy the time which they are spending at the party.

How to date an Older woman

Dating an older woman is a dream of some men. They think that it will be fantastic if they can date somebody who is older than them. Age is not a matter when it comes to love. There are no such rules that you should only date women who are younger or is of the same age. If you have such a fantasy and eagerness to know how it will be like dating an older woman than you can actually go for it. Are you ready to experience some fun, pleasure, and adventures? The here are some tips that you can actually use for dating an older woman. Try them and see the magical result.

  1. Build up your confidence

When an older woman dates, she will actually want to know how confident you are. They are not looking for a baby brother or son. They have to see the real man in you, and you need to make that impact on them. If you want an older woman as a partner built up your confidence and be a real man. Woman love enthusiastic men who accept new challenges in their life. If you are reluctant to try new things and always negative about something, then they won’t like you. Bring that confidence out through your body language by standing still, smile and look in their eyes while talking anything.

  1. Be mature and independent

A woman like matured men better than men childish nature. You should show your maturity through behavior. Don’t be short tempered and avoid reacting to small things. Don’t be adamant about something if it doesn’t happen as you think. Make an effort to understand everything even though you have no idea about it.

Get rid of childish habits like biting your nails, making fun of others, etc. They are older and mature enough so older woman cannot handle such situations. If you are in a relationship with somebody who is older than you, then make sure not to spend the whole day with her.  Hang out with your friends, spend time with your family, etc. Just continue what were you doing before meeting her and spend some time with her too. Older woman like independent men.

  1. Be the first to make any move

Being younger than your partner you may not have enough experience about personal life and even sexual things. But if you really want to impress her, you should make your first move everywhere. For example, when you both kisses you should start first to show that you are not shy. Take your own decisions and make your own opinions. It is better to leave all the control to her. You should take every opinion that is related to you. Behind dominant doesn’t mean to show your rudeness. Be gentle with her and give her space. Don’t doubt her and ask her about the past life and men in her life. That makes doubt in your genuinity.

  1. Give her importance in your life

If you really want to impress her, then it is very important to give her priority in your life. Spend time with her and listen to her about what she says. Give value to her opinions and don’t neglect it. These are all the qualities of a good gentleman. Above all don’t make her think that you feel for her experience or body appearance. Make her believe that you love her personality and behavior. Send her some romantic good morning messages to express your feelings. Try to know more about her interests, hobbies, wishes, and if you can fulfill any of them, she will surely love you.

  1. Don’t worry about not having experience

When you date a woman, who is older than you, then she will have more experience than you for sure. But you don’t take it as a big matter. The main issue comes in the bedroom. She knows more things than you and doesn’t take anything personally and let you down if you want to really enjoy the relationship avoid getting more personal with your inexperience. Enjoy what she does to you, and you will understand everything slowly. Give some time to your relationship, and then you will get used to it. Initially, it will be a bit difficult. But once you start to enjoy it, you will love that experience.

  1. Think whether it will work or not

Before deciding to date somebody older to you the first and foremost thing you need to check is that does this relation have a future. This is actually very important, don’t waste your time and effort on an unsuccessful futureless relationship. Age is a big issue that will come in between both of you. Don’t criticize her for her age and past life. If you can lead happy, fun full and exciting life ahead with her then no need to think twice. If you are actually looking for a real partner with whom you can share your thoughts and problems then go ahead. She can help you with her experience.

How to locate the best neurosurgeon

The mere fact that you need to visit a neurosurgeon can be a worrying factor. The primary doctor would have found out dome disorder with your brain or spinal cord. It might require surgery and you would need to touch base with the best neuro hospital in India. So how we find one. The below mentioned points would of a lot of help as well.


You could go on to avail referrals from your primary doctor. In fact you can ask recommendations from your friends or relatives. Ideally they should be someone who has gone on to avail their services in the past. Once you narrow down the list it would be better to call up a neuro surgeon and seek appointment with regards to their services as well.

Pay due attention to the credentials of the neurosurgeon

You would need to pay a lot of attention to board certification. It would tell you that the doctor has necessary along with skills to provide the desired care. Does check the track record of the surgeon whether they have any history of malpractices or frauds against them?There could be claim conducts that does not happen on the part of negligence of a doctor. You can use all this information to start the process of discussion with the doctor. In fact there are lot of websites where you can go on to obtain more information about a surgeon.

Do evaluate the experience of a neurosurgeon

When it boils down to the surgery of the brain or the spinal cord, experience does have a say. In fact more the experience levels of a surgeon the better they are likely to be in that area of surgery. Do ask the surgeon on how many procedures he has gone on to perform till date. If you require a specific procedure then ask them how many procedures they have done till date. You could find out more about the complications and the history of the same as well.


It is indeed important to have one eye on the gender of a neurosurgeon. Ideally they should be a person with whom you are comfortable discussing your personal details. In fact your own gender does go on to become important when it deals with specific neurological conditions. These surgeons have become more specialized in terms of caring for men as well as women. Do ask them about the recent training and what is the experience in dealing with specific disorders of your gender.

Do pay attention to the quality of the hospital

The hospital where the doctor practices does happen to be your own hospital. Do research the quality of hospital where the surgeon goes on to administer you treatment. Why it is important to opt for top rated hospitals? The reason being they have less complication and more survival rates. In addition the facilities which are provided at the hospitals stand to be among the best in the world. You can get cost effective treatment as well.