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A glance at the various pregnancy hormones

All of you would be aware of pregnancy hormones. The levels of some of them may rise whereas some is normal. The example that does come to the mind in a split second happens to be HCG. Their main objective would be to ensure a healthy pregnancy and ensure the wellbeing of your baby. But there are some other hormones that you are not going to be aware of. This does go on to help the body to prepare for pregnancy and non-pregnancy functions.


In the sexual reproduction or bonding this hormone has a huge role to play. This hormone has a lot of role to play during the process of child birth. This stretches to the first year after your pregnancy as well. You can confer the fact that this hormone is present throughout the course of pregnancy. It does influence the bonding between a mother and a new born child. The moment you are in the starting stage of your labour, the uterus is going to be in a contraction stage due to the increasing levels of this hormone. Once the baby is born which does happen in the last stage of labour, there is a specific function of the hormone. It needs to help in the contraction of the uterus. In doing you can expect the placenta to be pushed out of the uterus. The blood vessels that are close to it will be detached off. Then the uterus will shrink back to the normal size. If higher levels of this hormone are found it will encourage mutual attachment between the mother and the baby.


When does relaxin  peak during pregnancy would be the first thing to strike you. In fact this hormone is present even when you are not pregnant but this would be at much lower levels. When does relaxin peak in pregnancy and you can say that the moment you do become pregnant. It reaches an alarming level during the first trimester of pregnancy. It does lead to an encouragement in the growth of the placenta . In a way you can say that it goes on to prevent preterm delivery. One of the not so pleasant symptoms of this hormone would be the pregnancy related symptoms become loose.


This works out to be a major milk production hormone. You can expect their levels to increase by close to 20 to 30 times during the tenure of pregnancy. You can refer to the fact that this does prepare the breast tissues for lactation. Once you give birth the levels of this hormone are bound to rise. At this juncture you can say that the production of milk does start off. But if you need to ensure the production of milk along with the hormones you would need to pump or breastfeed. If you perform any of the above actions, this would lead to the release of the hormone and in the process the milk glands would be forced to produce more and more milk.

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