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Reputation Is Important In Construction Industry, Build It Too!

Reputation Is Important In Construction Industry, Build It Too!

Whether you believe it or not, 85% of the small businesses get their business from word-of-mouth. Yes, it’s their reputation that helps them get new customer. Why?

Why? Everybody needs to confirm that they get quality product and services. In construction industry where you are dealing with house of people or their offices quality matters a lot. Hence, your customer will look for someone who will offer them high quality services. You can advertise on your behalf, but when a third person says that yes, you are good, it matters!

Especially in construction industry where the cost involved is quite high, people will simply not deal with a novice who does not have reputation in the industry. What is important then? To build your reputation in the construction industry! How?


Under promise and Over deliver

After the projects ends what is the feedback of your customer? Are they satisfied or dissatisfied with the work? It will depend on what you had promised to them and what have you delivered. If you want that you get good reviews from your clients then follow the norm, under promise and over deliver. Work on simple things like cleaning the site after the project is over, answer any questions; repair those things that were damaged during the process. You will find all this will leave an impression and you will build a reputation with them.

Make it easy to leave a review

If you want review from your customer then you must make it easier for them to leave the review. They are busy person and you cannot expect that they will find out ways to leave a review of your work. Instead email them a link where they can leave their review. If you do not find their review even after few days you can gently remind them to leave a review that will leave an impact on your business.

Upgrade your technology

When you are taking up any construction work it is obvious that you know the latest technology. Still you must remember that there is something new in the world. Thus, if you get back to basics education it will help you in getting better understanding of what is happening around you in the construction and building industry. When you have in depth knowledge about something you can always reflect that in your work. If the work is good, you will be building your reputation yourself.

Respond to negative reviews

You can never claim that you have satisfied your 100% customers. Even if you try hard, there will be time when someone or other will be upset about something. If you get any negative reviews from them, then do not ignore them. Look at them as opportunities for improving your services. Also try to reply the customer that how you can resolve the problem that they have. You should not argue with your customer because this way you will not be able to increase your customer service.

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