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Importance of Technical Translation Services in Dubai for Different Segments

Importance of Technical Translation Services in Dubai for Different Segments

Translations are essential today, where it is possible to create and share content and knowledge from all over the world, and technical translation has a prominent importance in this regard.

The service has as an important feature the type of content with which it works, which makes it a direct highlight in building a world with more knowledge, experience, science and relevant information, especially for the large number of segments with which it can work. Act.

Let us better understand how this service works and why it is of such fundamental importance to globalization.

What is technical translation?

It is the application of translation services in technical content, which belong to any of the areas of knowledge, such as law, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, among others.

The service consists of translating content that is in one language to another, as it happens with other types of translation, except that they are much more specific, that is, they require a special knowledge of the professional responsible for the service.

For example, technical translation services focused on nursing need to be performed by professionals who have full knowledge of the source and target languages ​​and, moreover, about nursing itself, as there are several technical terms that are not always are generally known.

To better understand, you can draw a parallel with medicine, for example: if a lay person in the area participates in a college class on the subject, even with the mastery of the language, the words and terms quoted will not be fully understood. as it is a technical terminology.

This is why technical translations should be done by professionals who are fully familiar with the subject and preferably who are trained in the field or who have deep knowledge in that field, which will provide conditions for quality work and complete understanding for who will consume the content.

Which segments need technical translations the most?

Among all the areas of expertise of technical translation , some of the most outstanding are the following:


New medical discoveries are made almost daily, and the findings found in one part of the world may be exactly what a patient across the globe needs to take care of their health.

For this reason, medicine is among the main areas in which technical translation works, since making such content available can literally save lives.


Chemistry is also an essential area as it can relate to medicine, nursing, biology, physics, engineering and many others, given its versatility, such as when a new element is discovered or when a material is developed, for example. .

This versatility is one of the main characteristics that place chemistry among the most sought after areas for technical translations, since its development can directly impact other aspects of science and knowledge.


This is an area with high growth potential, as many energy sources currently used have high pollutant potential, which does not make them the best long-term candidates. Also, energy is needed all over the world.

Sources of energy, natural resources and techniques of energy use are some of the areas that the area can reach and whose discoveries need technical translation to be disseminated around the world.

Technical translation: a fundamental service for society

Translation is an area that has existed for thousands of years. Since then, new concepts have emerged and society has evolved, resulting in a broadening of the range of opportunities that such an area contemplates.

Technical issues may be important around the world, not just in the country or region in which the article was written or a particular discovery was made, but they cannot spread to other parts of the world without the technical translation.

Therefore, it is valid to think that this service is directly related to building a knowledge-rich society, even if it does not directly influence discoveries and novelties, technical translation has an important role in making content available to other people and cultures.

Much of the things we have in our day to day life were discovered or created by people who spoke other languages, and if it weren’t for translation professionals, it probably wouldn’t have come to us yet.

So from now on, whenever you think about technical translation , keep in mind the importance of this service and why it should be delegated to professionals of a reliable and experienced translation company like Dubai Translation Services. After all, it is through this translated content that news and discoveries can be shared with the world.

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