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Tips on How to Be a Successful Comedian

Tips on How to Be a Successful Comedian

There are various ways one can become a successful comedian. It can be stand-up comedy or on digital media. Of course, success does not just come, you need to work for it by investing in knowledge and developing your art through various angles. In order to succeed in this entertainment industry, these few tips that we have captured would be helpful:

Create original jokes

 People enjoy comedies because of the jokes. It is the job of the comedian to come up with jokes which the audience can laugh about. They need to be written down first then choose the best. A successful comedian should not copy jokes from other comedians. This makes the comedian to have an authentic voice. The jokes should also be relatable. For this to happen, the comedian should draw from the everyday things. This makes the audience to laugh since they have most likely experienced that thing in their day to day life.

The biggest fear of comedians is the audience might find their jokes are not funny. To overcome this, one should keep in mind that some things cannot be controlled. One cannot control if people laugh but one control how well they perform at the stage. The best comedians do the best he or she can on stage and leave the uncontrollable things to a higher power.

Overcome stage fright

Everyone can perform a song or crack jokes before family and friends but when it comes to public performance, it becomes a challenge. Especially for stand up comedians, this is what carries weight. A comedian should master stage fright management techniques. One of the techniques is performing before a mock audience. The ability to overcome stage fright is the key to becoming a successful comedian.

A comedian should also be an actor

Body language is very important in comedy. If one does not move around the stage or make any movement, the person is considered to have low energy or stiff. This changes the perception of the audience. A good comedian must move around the stage, act the things in the message and use the body. This keeps the audience engaged and their focus is on you.

Study comedy videos

A comedian will be able to learn tips from the successful comedians on how to improve their performance. Of course, you will get some new ideas by watching other comedy videos and also learn from the failures of other comedians.

Determine the target audience

To come up with jokes for every type of audience is hard. It is wise to have a specific niche.

Create a social media marketing plan

There is power in social media. Having a huge social media following increases the fan base. A successful and the best comedians should have an online presence. Posting the comedy sessions on social media platforms can be a strategy of marketing oneself. Some social media channels such YouTube pay for views and subscription. Some of the social media marketing tips are live streaming, create Instagram hash tags, make Facebook ads, follow the successful comedians’ influencers, and concentrate more on the fans engagement and not much on followers, and come up with creative social media posts.

Personal branding

A successful comedian can hire a personal branding coach to assist in personal branding. Personal branding is as important as a company’s branding and so for the popular comedians out there. In this career, image is everything. Building a brand can take a long time, but it is worth the wait. You should always strive to make yourself a brand so that people can identify you by your brand name.

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