Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A boon for investors and the host nation

For any person personal growth matters a lot. There are many opportunities that one may explore and some of them may not be found in one’s own country. In such case one may prefer to move to another country such as the USA. It can be stated to be a win-win situation for the economy of the United States and also foreign investors to have the EB- 5 visas put in place.  The EB- 5 visa investments added the billions to the gross domestic product in the United States and created forty-two thousand jobs in the year 2012. In the meantime, the EB-5 programme provides the families of the investors and the investors’ the life-changing chances of residing and also working in the U.S.

Immigrant investors, their children, and their spouses shall be allowed to migrate to the U.S. Each member of the family shall obtain a conditional green card for two years. After the conditional period is over, the members of the family and the investor shall be entitled to EB-5 green card USA. Being the holder of the green card, the investor can enjoy all the rights conferred on the citizens but cannot cast a vote. The investor along with his family shall be entitled to become within five years the U.S. citizens.

The EB-5 visa programme has been made for foreign investors. It provides several advantages that render the visa programme extremely alluring. Immigrant investors may be capable of pursuing the path of obtaining quickly the United States permanent residency through the USA EB -5 immigration visa programme.  

Benefits of EB-5 visa programme

Green Card

The immigrant investors along with the spouses and the children who are unmarried having age less than 21 years shall be in a position to obtain green cards.

Quick U.S. residency

As the immigrant investor puts in the money and abides by the standards set in the EB-5 visa programme, the investor together with his family shall be eligible to get the United States citizenship. It will come about via naturalization subsequent to the period of five years of investment. It eliminates the waiting list along with the system of quota that a lot of immigration programmes are known for. When the investor together with his family attains U.S. citizenship, they get all the rights that the other citizens of the U.S are entitled to.

Least qualifying criteria

In addition to making certain the investment pertains to legitimate sources, this EB-5 visa programme asks for no other types of qualifying conditions. Such as, the investor together with his family shall not be needed to know fluent English or possess any minimum education requirements.

No Sponsorship

In case a foreigner desires to reside and also carry on work in the U.S, the existing rules of immigration ask the foreigner to have any member of the family or an employer as a sponsor. But, it is not needed within the set of rules of the EB-5 visa programme. Furthermore, the investor is in a capacity to sponsor other members of his family.

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