Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Women: Watch Out for Your Hair

Everybody loses hair. It happens when you wake up in the morning, you take morning shower, when you give it a dry or you manage it with a quick brush and it is all normal. There is no need to panic. Whether you are a man or a woman; losing hair is a part of life. As per a study on average, people lose fifty to hundred hairs a day. Hair will go and be replaced by the new ones.

However, things are not that simple as they appear. If you are tackling with severe hair conditions, you have to take some actions to deter it. You can opt for something like the best hair transplant in Mumbai or other solutions. Often it has been seen that males lose their hair extensively. But you know women too lose extensive hair in their life. If you have no idea about this thing, have a look below:

Telogen Effluvium

It is a phenomenon that takes place after pregnancy, main surgery, severe weight loss, or much stress. During this condition you shed huge amounts of hair every single day. It happens generally when styling, shampooing or brushing your hair. This thing can also be a side effect of specific type of medications you are taking like beta-blockers, antidepressants and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines.  During the time of Telogen effluvium, hair moves faster than normal from the growing stage into resting stage before stepping quickly into the shedding.

Females having this trait incline to develop thinning at the hairline behind their bangs.  It is a condition that develops gradually and might start as early as 20s. You might be vulnerable in case your mother also has this texture or pattern of thinning. There are even cases out there wherein hair loss might be verbose; it means its spread across your entire scalp. Don’t worry, once you talk to the hair specialist, they would take every precaution needed. Your dermatologist examines the pattern of hair loss to find out if it is genetic and might order blood work to exclude other causes.  Sometimes even biopsy of scalp is sometimes done to discover in case the hair follicles have been replaced with reduced follicles, a definite signal of genetic hair loss. Don’t panic, there are solutions if you talk to the hair specialists. If you lose your hair, you can think about hair transplant. These procedures are effective and lasting. Similarly they don’t have a side effect too. People are there who are opting for these solutions for their hair growth.


Many people, mainly women suffer from thyroid ailment. When your body generates too petite thyroid hormone, hormone accountable for heart rate, metabolism and mood, you are considered to have hypothyroidism or even an underactive thyroid. In case your body generates too much of hormone, then you are supposed to have hyperthyroidism or simply an overactive thyroid.  Thyroid hormone is something that is accountable for everything right from your basal metabolic rate to development of your skin, hair, and nails. If you don’t have the needed amount, you can witness the bodily changes in you.

Thus, the point is whatever the cause of your boldness is, there are solutions out there. Talk to the hair specialists today for first-hand information.

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