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3 Tips to help you pick the best dish TV package

3 Tips to help you pick the best dish TV package

So you’ve decided to ditch the cable wallah, and get your very own dish TV package. Good for you. But in your excitement to get the best prime time entertainment, you seem to have hit a stone wall. Just take a deep breath and read on.

By now, poor quality transmission from your local cable operator has convinced you that you need DTH for your home. But when choosing the best dish tv package for yourself or your family, don’t just look atpricing. Instead, make sure to scrutinise the contract terms, installation costs, the number of HD channels and on-demand titles, the quality andcapability of DVRs (digital video recorder) and other equipment.

If you don’t find a package that suits your needs, don’t worry, Airtel allows you to create a customised package just for you. Not only that, it allows you to customise this package every month. So, you can get the best dish tv package and gain access to international channels, sports, live shows andon-demand entertainment. Even if you’re on a fixed budget, you can create customised packages and enjoy the best combination of channels at the lowest price.

So now that you know a little bit more about choosing the best dish tv package for you, let’s break it down further.

  • Check out all the packages on offer: In order to get the best dish tv package, you first need to know what channels you want and if those are on offer. Also, if you want a particular channel or channels that are not part of the package, will you be required to pay an additional amount? Also, remember that most basic packages do not include sports channels, lifestyle, movie or HD channels. So if you want any of these, be prepared to shell out more money. Also, check with your service provider how often you can switch between plans.Or you can simply choose Airtel digital TV which allows you to create your own channel packages at affordable rates. Airtel DTH Monthly HD packs start from Rs 292.
  • Channels on offer: Before you decide on the best dish tv package first ask your service provider about the number of free channels included in the package and how often will they add new channels to the mix.Also, make sure to ask about regional channels if you are interested in watching them. Next, ask about HD and interactive channels and if they are available as part of the package.Don’t be swayed by the number of channels on offer, but instead focus on what you are interested in viewing.  Airtel Digital TVallows you to customise your own package through its a la carte channel service and you can also avail of the ‘add a channel’ service to your existing plan. You can also choose packages from the monthly and long duration subscription packs.
  • Is HD the way to go? If you’re already the proud owner of an HD flat panel TV, it makes sense to opt for an HD set top box. But remember, you have to pay extra to get the HD channels. Airtel Digital TV offers customers 3 plans – 30 HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 1080, 44 HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 2040 and all HD channels for 12 months at Rs. 2700. All these packages also offer the HD box upgrade at Rs. 599.

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