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Rare Holiday Destinations

Rare Holiday Destinations

This summer is looking to be another typical British disaster. We have already had the prime of our favourite season in April and although I am no Weather forecaster, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it doesn’t get much better than this in Britain. And with a new summer wardrobe, you need to Wear Rare. But not to worry, you can still get that must have sun this year by jetting away to one of our Top 5 Rare Destinations this summer! From New Zealand to Italy, we have all the best must-see-places you’ve probably never heard of. Get in deep with sapphire blue oceans and soak in the sun surrounded by music and culture in a little village. Find hidden treasures in a new city and discover new ways of life on the beaches of the Bahamas and forget about that British life. Most importantly, get a real tan!! No more tanning mitts and dark streaks… it’s all about that natural golden glow this summer! So get your lilos and sunglasses at the ready because we’ve got the Top 5 Rare Destinations here…

Pancake Rocks, New Zealand.

Wear Rare and find Rare places! Found in Punakaiki, these rocks are definitely a must see! Although New Zealand isn’t exactly the hottest place during our summer, it still reaches highs of 15*. New Zealand works a little bit backwards to us, so when we are expecting the summer sun, they are saying hello to their winter blues. Maybe not the best ‘summer’ holiday considering it’s their winter, but chances are, it will still be hotter than Britain! The Pancake Rocks are not only incredible to look at, but they also feature a bit of fun with some pretty amazing blow holes! Now, let’s not go into all the science behind these Pancakes but there are many places for the sea to get pushed through and create a spectacular show.  Further up New Zealand, you’ll find Charleston which was originally founded as a Gold Mining town so if you’re looking for all the riches in the world, maybe that’s your place. There are many people who travel across the country, visiting scenes from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, skydiving, hiking, partying and just enjoying life. Definitely a Rare place!

Alberobello, Italy.

Listen to the Italian sound, experience the Italian culture, look upon the picturesque Italian life and breathe in the style (don’t forget your Gucci sunglasses). Alberobello has everything Italy has to offer, all in one place. Not too far from the beach and with temperatures reaching highs of 35 degrees in summer, this exquisite little town is most certainly a hidden treasure of the world. In the Puglia Region of Italy, Alberobello has some incredible views thanks to the unusual trulli. Trullo are the houses you can see in the picture and they are what cover this little village. With streets that wind around them, churches that stand above them and trees that reach to the skies, this small town is laced with fantastic scenery.  If you’re looking for the sun and something interesting to do, then this is most definitely the place for you! Get photo ready and head to Italy!

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas.

If you’re a thrill seeker, then this is the place for you! Grab a bikini and get ready to Wear Rare. Dean’s Blue Hole is the second largest water filled sink hole, reaching a depth of 202m (663ft). What makes this scary pit even more exciting, is the ‘long’ beaches that trace the island. Found in Long Island’s capital, Clarence Town, this deep blue hole is a scary sight for most divers! But the accessible path around it is perfect for tourists. Maybe you don’t want to go diving in head first, but it’s shallow edges allow you to wonder around it whilst taking in all the sun. Long Island usually reaches temps around 31* making it the ideal place to get that summer glow to match your summer wardrobe. Don’t miss out on this Rare Destination this summer, get gone!!

Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico.

Girls, this is the place to Wear Rare! Although Cancun has one of the best night scenes in the world, it also has incredible beaches, lots of sun and even more importantly, amazing fun!! If you need a couple of weeks to just sit back and relax, then head over to Mexico! You need to check out Cancun’s Underwater Museum, with over 500 sculptures buried 3-6 metres beneath the water. Snorkel your way around Cancun National Marine Park and observe the ‘Art of Conservation’ with 3 galleries for you to explore. If this isn’t your thing, then Cancun offers swimming with whales, Dolphin Discovery Park and the Yucatan adventure. So a little bit of everything for everyone. But the blue seas and sandy beaches are always a lovely way to sit back and relax, so go chill out! Go to Cancun!

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey.

With some amazing tourist destinations, fantastic markets and an entirely different way of life, Turkey has always been a must-see. Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish; so, it comes to no surprise when you see how it’s thermal pools look like ice capped cotton farms. But don’t think because these pools look to be formed by ice that they are… because they’re not. The white exterior of these pools is limestone. Pamukkale is actually around 35* during summer so it’s definitely not ice! These hot springs are a part of the River Menderes Valley and are easy to both view and swim in. Naturally heated pools like a natural Jacuzzi!? What’s not to like? Not only are they hot springs in Pamukkale, there is also Cleopatra’s pool. Plus, many places to take a mud bath and a few Roman Ruins. All of which would make the perfect summer destination this year.

Let’s Getaway…

Whether it’s a city escape or a beach break, make sure you find some sun this summer. Choose from our Top 5 Rare Destinations, or pop into a travel agent and find your ideal getaway! Or if you don’t have the time, then simply enter our summer competition! We teamed up with icelolly.com to give one lucky winner the chance to jet off to Ibiza with their BFF! If you want to fly away for 7 nights, click the link below. Head over to our Instagram and follow us to keep up to date with our latest competitions and giveaways. Good luck and get packing!!

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