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Going Goa? Here are Some Packing Tips to Follow

Going Goa? Here are Some Packing Tips to Follow

Goa is definitely a mesmerising destination to hit these holidays. It is extremely popular for its amazing nightlife, carnivals and sugar fine beaches. Scores of tourists hit this destination every year for a great time with their friends and family. But talking about its climate, it’s not the best. What we mean is that it’s not skin friendly and if you are planning a trip during the summer season then it’s likely that your skin will get burnt badly. So, you need to pack your bags intelligently, so that nothing that you might need when you are enjoying your holidays in Goa gets left out. And smart packing is not just to make sure your skin doesn’t burn, it’s also for convenience in a lot of other areas. In case, you haven’t visited Goa before, then you’ll probably find packing for this place a little difficult. But with the guide below, you will definitely find this job a breeze. Have a look-

  • Goa is all about beaches. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit one when you are here. But if you are in any of Goa’s beaches, then you will definitely want to do some frolicking in the sea. And without good beachwear, you cannot hope to do so. So, make sure you pack good and comfortable beachwear to make your beach visits amazing.
  • Goa is going to be a sunny experience. That is why you should never forget your hat and sunglasses. These two items will help you keep the heat at an arm’s length. They will not just protect your eyes and your skin but will also make you look great.
  • When in Goa, there is no point staying indoors. No matter how luxurious or beautiful your hotel room is, the outside world will always seem more amazing and amusing. And if you are looking forward to staying outdoors at night or in the evening, you will probably need an insect repellent cream at hand so that mosquitoes and other insects fail to bother you.
  • Don’t step out of your hotel room without applying sunscreen generously all over your body or at least on the exposed parts. Coming to Goa without a sunscreen will probably ruin your trip. And if you somehow forget to put it inside your bag before leaving for Goa, do buy a pack upon reaching. No matter how much you have paid for one of those amazing Goa honeymoon tour packages, if you eventually turn yourself into a piece of burnt charcoal, you will certainly not feel great about yourself. Your overly tanned skin might also disappoint your partner.
  • When you are in Goa, you cannot avoid walking. Yes, you will do most of the travelling by car or a two-wheeler but walking is something that you will invariably have to do here. So, don’t pack all heels, you will also need other comfortable shoes like slippers, sneakers or say, loafers.

By following these packing tips, you will definitely enjoy your Goa trip to the fullest. And if you are with your partner, then don’t forget to arrange for a trip to Kerala from Goa. There are amazing Kerala tour packages for couple that you can opt for.

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