Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Got New Rims? Here Are Some Ideas What To Do With Your Old Wheels

At long last, you have finally replaced your old wheels with a new set of wheels for Mercedes Benz. Although it is normal to just dump the old set in a landfill and drive off with your brand new wheels, that’s not a very eco-friendly solution. Since today people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint and are doing their best to lessen its size it might be time to explore some DIY projects to give your old wheels a new purpose.

Here are some repurposing ideas to help you get started:

Idea #1: Garage Shelf Support

Car owners who love to fiddle in the garage or if the garage is your private space away from the home will love this inventive idea. The old rims from your car can be used as a decorate shelf support that will match the look and feel of the garage. Of course, this project will require extra work and tools but the results will be worth it.

Just be sure that you know how to use a saw safely as you may need to cut the rims in half. Other tools such as a drill, polished wood, and a sturdy set of screws will also be necessary. Don’t rush into this DIY project if you’ve never handled power tools in the past.

Idea #2: Build A Table

For those who aren’t ready for the power tools, building a table from the old rims and wheels is also a great option. Depending on how sturdy you want the table to be you can always opt to just glue the rims or wheels other and place a piece of clear glass to serve as a tabletop over the stack. Or you can also experiment to see if screwing the used rims or wheels will work to your advantage.

Some who want a very sturdy upcycled table would choose to meld the piece together, but that’s not necessary, it is just another option to explore if you have the capability.

Idea #3: DIY Living Room Furniture

Another easy and very achievable project for those old wheels for Mercedes Benz is to make your own bar stool or chair. This can be done for both the used rims and the wheels, providing the wheels are thoroughly cleaned before reuse. Much like the table project, the wheels or rims can be stacked together, two or three at the most to give them enough height.

For this project, the stack of used car parts should be very sturdy so using glue might not cut it. However, it is sometimes worth it to work with a professional to get these parts expertly melded together for stability. You can choose to repaint the used parts to match a color theme or keep their rustic look. All that’s needed to complete the look are a few soft cushions and you’re done!

Use Your Skills And Imagination

The next time you plan to replace those worn out wheels, don’t just throw them away, there are so many things you can create with them! Plus, it’s always a good thing to lessen how much waste we produce for landfills.

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