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How to locate the best neurosurgeon

How to locate the best neurosurgeon

The mere fact that you need to visit a neurosurgeon can be a worrying factor. The primary doctor would have found out dome disorder with your brain or spinal cord. It might require surgery and you would need to touch base with the best neuro hospital in India. So how we find one. The below mentioned points would of a lot of help as well.


You could go on to avail referrals from your primary doctor. In fact you can ask recommendations from your friends or relatives. Ideally they should be someone who has gone on to avail their services in the past. Once you narrow down the list it would be better to call up a neuro surgeon and seek appointment with regards to their services as well.

Pay due attention to the credentials of the neurosurgeon

You would need to pay a lot of attention to board certification. It would tell you that the doctor has necessary along with skills to provide the desired care. Does check the track record of the surgeon whether they have any history of malpractices or frauds against them?There could be claim conducts that does not happen on the part of negligence of a doctor. You can use all this information to start the process of discussion with the doctor. In fact there are lot of websites where you can go on to obtain more information about a surgeon.

Do evaluate the experience of a neurosurgeon

When it boils down to the surgery of the brain or the spinal cord, experience does have a say. In fact more the experience levels of a surgeon the better they are likely to be in that area of surgery. Do ask the surgeon on how many procedures he has gone on to perform till date. If you require a specific procedure then ask them how many procedures they have done till date. You could find out more about the complications and the history of the same as well.


It is indeed important to have one eye on the gender of a neurosurgeon. Ideally they should be a person with whom you are comfortable discussing your personal details. In fact your own gender does go on to become important when it deals with specific neurological conditions. These surgeons have become more specialized in terms of caring for men as well as women. Do ask them about the recent training and what is the experience in dealing with specific disorders of your gender.

Do pay attention to the quality of the hospital

The hospital where the doctor practices does happen to be your own hospital. Do research the quality of hospital where the surgeon goes on to administer you treatment. Why it is important to opt for top rated hospitals? The reason being they have less complication and more survival rates. In addition the facilities which are provided at the hospitals stand to be among the best in the world. You can get cost effective treatment as well.

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