Wednesday, December 7, 2022

New House Versus A Resale Home: Who Wins?

Today’s home buyers are faced with tough choices. They can either buy a new house that is already built or have a new one built according to their specifications. Then there are those resellers that broker for a used home or foreclosed property, essentially a used home. Both have distinct advantages that could either benefit you or not, depending on what works for you. However, we would like you to take a look at the many things that set a new house apart from its used counterpart. Continue reading as we take a closer look at these advantages.

A New House Has Full Warranty Coverage

A will have its built-in appliances covered for a full year, plus extended manufacturers warranties that may last up to five years. It is not uncommon for warranties on roofing and structural integrity to go up to 20 years to safeguard against damage. For a new homeowner, this is a very attractive add on to a house that a family will live in. These warranties usually start as soon as the key is turned over to the owner.

Green and Safe Operation

Newer and more efficient materials in construction ensure that the new home is fully insulated against the elements. Efficient insulation standards have been recently made into effect and stricter codes have been implemented. This means that homes now are more efficient in keeping the cool air inside while its summer and keeping warm air trapped in where it is needed during those cold months. Because air conditioning is where most of the power usage is diverted this means massive savings in utility bills. Couple that with the addition of newer and energy efficient appliances, such as those with inverter technology, the saving pile up on top of each other and becomes significant enough to impact your budget. Furthermore, advanced wiring systems and stricter fire safety codes play an important role in making sure your new home is safe. Smoke detectors are now required to be hardwired and should use energy from the house’s power and switch to the battery in its absence. This makes for quite an effective fire detection system.

Get Exactly What You Want

Buying a used home is the equivalent of buying another person’s personalized item and as such, some things might not be easily changed. The layout might not be to your liking or the tiling clashes with your ideas. Whatever they may be, it would take some serious effort, time, and money to renovate and change. When building a new house you can collaborate with the builders and the contractors to make sure that they build according to what you want and personalize your home with your unique signature.

No Repairs For Years To Come

A new house will not require any major repairs until after years into its lifespan. Add thorough preventive maintenance into that and a new house may not even need any in its existence. With the stronger and more durable materials used in the newer homes of today, you can be sure to enjoy living in your new house for years to come.

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