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Things to be Consider visiting to Barcelona for First Time

Things to be Consider visiting to Barcelona for First Time

While travelling to any new place particularly the tourist spots, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. Barcelona is also not an exception to that and particularly if you are first-time visitor then you must read this write-up.

Barcelona is famous for good foods however a number of food stores remains closed during Sundays. Also tipping here is not too popular. You can know about various sight seeing places from internet or from the guide however there are few additional things that no one will tell you.

If you want to know about tourist attractions then visit and you must also carry a printable Barcelona attractions map so that you can easily spot them.

In addition to that following few tips can be very handy for any first-time visitors of Barcelona.

Save in transportation charges

Tickets for any public transport including the metro charges are pretty expensive therefore try to get your hotel accommodation in the city centre area so that you can cover most of the important locations just by walking and need not avail any transportation. You need to plan it properly.

For late night transportation, you must have some other alternate

Many of you must be interested to enjoy the night life of Barcelona. However, during night most of the public transportations are unavailable. Therefore, either you must have any alternate arrangement available or stay near the city centre so that you can walk back to your hotel.

Beaches may not be the best in Barceloneta

Most people often tend to folk around Barceloneta beach however this place is too crowded and very dirty too. You can find many other beaches like Nova Icaria, Mar Bella, Bogatell or any other beaches, which are little cleaner. Plan one day for visiting Costa Brava beaches too.

Buy advance ticket online for Sagrada Familia

Don’t waste your time standing in the queue for hours and get disappointment for getting entry ticket at Sagrada Familia. Better you book ticket online in advance and save your time.

Beware about theft and pickpocketing

While moving in crowded places at Barcelona, you need to be very careful about your belongings as there are lots of thieves and pick pocketers around who are professional. Their methods of operation can be very sophisticated too.

Prefer to visit during off seasons  

If you are a low budget traveller and not much interested in partying etc. then it is better to visit during off season. You will not face too much crowd.

You must consider waiting time also

As most of the museums and sight seeing places are too crowded, you may have to wait for hours to get entry. Therefore, consider the waiting time also while visiting any sight-seeing places.

Don’t stay too long at La Rambla

La Rambla is certainly a place where you must pay a visit however do not plan to stay there too long as the food here are too expensive and not so good too.

Don’t keep Sunday for shopping

Sunday is a holiday for most of the important shops and therefore don’t plan to shop on this day.

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