Thursday, May 16, 2024

Travelling becomes easy with street view

City maps, various routes and the small travel guides that contained the various means of conveyance available in a town or city is now history. They were a great source of information and guide for people who visited new places to explore it with friends or family. The first thing they used to do is buy a city map to see the tourists spots and routes and find the things to be done in that city. People also used to rely upon the local citizens and the sign boards to reach to a certain destination.

People used to hire drivers who had a great knowledge about the local areas and routes. But now people rely on the internet to surf for various things. When a tour is planned the first thing people do now is to go online and find out the various places to visit in a certain state, country or city. This directs one towards the map of the same place one is surfing about and one gets to see the entire map, various routes, conveyance etc. under one platform.

The my-map app in the smart phone operates over the GPS service found in every smart phone. The GPS helps in tracking the current location of the person and then one can enter a destination to find out the best route to be taken. The various cab services uses GPS tracking to find out and connect with the source and destination the passenger has entered so that one can reach the proper destination easily.

Google maps have been a great source of information provider and travel planner. One can even save the directions and maps as per need and plan an entire day depending upon the map. The satellite view helps in navigation by informing about the distance, time and turns to be taken next. The new feature of my maps makes the app even more convenient.

Street view helps people in seeing the panoramic view of a road one is travelling on. One can even check for traffic jams if any. One can zoom in and zoom out according to the view one wants to get. Hence, there is no such hassle of taking a route and then finding out a severe traffic and then take a turn and find a different route. One can see everything before starting to drive and take the route that suits the best.

The Street view feature also defines the various hubs that one might like to search for. Petrol pumps, cafes, food joints, pharmacies etc. are all marked on the map and hence the app provides one with the feeling of staying secured at all points. One can also share the live location with friends or family to ensure that they know where the person is. In case a friend is waiting somewhere on the way to get a pick up one can share live location and track the position of the friend at any point of time and reach the exact position.

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